Really – that was the last long weekend of summer!?

Long weekends are joyful, fun and full of energy right – wrong.  Especially the last long weekend of summer.  I have had a couple of great labour day weekends in my past – Wasaga beach year 1, year 2 sucked thanks to De, but year 1 was a blast – and the year before me and my ex started dating and we took the ferry over to Rochester for the weekend.  Remember that ferry – what a great experience!  But this labour day weekend was very bittersweet.  Friday – well I’m not even going into Friday…more on that in the future, but other than some NK time, the beginning of Friday was awful. 

 Saturday morning I had weight watchers and I was up 2 pounds!  FML!  Really!!!!  I am up 2.5 for the whole summer and I am upset, embarrassed and discouraged, but I have to keep going so here I go – trying to get my weight loss journey back on track! 

I visited my friend R and his daughter J Saturday which is always a blast cause I love that kid!  She is my joy!  LOL…Saturday dinner was Makimono with my sister and a lot of drama with my golden boy brother (what else is new)?!

Sunday we had church and the first Sunday of every month is communion Sunday.  I loved the service – all about passion, and if my pastor has one thing – its passion.  I loved it!  Granted when he talked about how some people have passion for frivolous things such as shoes, I silently cringed and looked guiltily down at my feet. 

I went and visited my girl E Sunday evening and caught up on her life – which I have missed out on most of the summer.  Of course her dog Cairo glued himself to my body and I had enough Doberman hair on me to scare a cat, but I love my crazy Cairo so I didn’t mind.  I am pretty sure her bf J wished I had stayed awaythough  cause I got him in major shit with E, but I was just trying to warn him that he was going to be in trouble for playing ball all broken – not actually trying to get him in trouble myself!  Oops! 

Monday was a great NK day again and we went to visit K’s auntie which is always a treat!  Auntie is little old lady who has a lot of umph and lives downtown and visits all the festivals and shows that happen in Toronto.  Yesterday was Brazilian fest!  It wasn’t that great, but K, auntie and I made the best of it – the wine was good at least! 😉  LOL

So ya it may sound like my weekend was pretty good – and overall it was, but those who know me – KNOW that rain and cold are two of my least favourite words and this weekend was just that – alllllllllllllll weekend.  I am wanting my warmth and heat back  – please!!!!  I am asking nicely! 

Have a great week folks!  Next weekend is K’s 30th birthday, the last of my 29-year-old girl friends to make the decade change.  I am super excited for her because she is embracing 30 and I think it will be an amazing new decade of love, friendship and fun!  Can’t wait to tell you all about it!

XOXO Nikilee

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