We are the Golden Girls…

My two BFF’s N and K are the kinds of women everyone wants as friends.  I have known them both for 15 years!  We met in 9th grade and though me and N were originally closer, K and I have grown this amazing attachment that just makes me smile whenever I think of our NK time. 

Last night I spent some time with these girls and we talked about when we were all 15…we fall into three very separate groups.  I was very confidant in high school and feel I looked and felt my best in my teens.  N, however really flourished in her early twenties.  She looked great, felt great and was moving forward with her life.  K however, who is turning thirty this weekend has really come out of her shell in the last couple of years and it looks like her thirties will be her best time! 

Thinking of this before I went to bed was a bit amusing, yet very unsatisfying.  My best years were over 10 years ago!  REALLY!  Is that possible??  My twenties were wasted years I know this; I had two amazing boyfriends (at separate times obviously) whom I didn’t fully appreciate, an opportunity to really enjoy the two amazing schools I went to and make friends with people whom I could have really connected with – but I didn’t.  I don’t know why – I do know I was suffering from minor depression, which is greatly improving thanks to a healthy mix of therapy and medication, but I am still encouraged by the fact that I have another thirty years to improve upon.

I would hate to look back at 60 and say my teens were the best time of my life – really…high school, the bane of everyone’s existence??  No sir!  If thirty is the new twenty then I think it’s time to do things up right.  I am trying to be strong, independent, responsible, aware of others feelings and I think I have started things off pretty well for thirty.  I have four months left to really celebrate me and my life and with the help of N and K (and numerous other amazing friends) I plan on celebrating proper.

XOXO Nikilee

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