I want it in Pink dammit!

So of course I am stuck blogging from work now that my laptop + stolen internet connection from home is no longer possible.  😦 However I miss blogging since I actually have work to do at work and can only blog on breaks or lunch and really who wants to be stuck in front of a computer on a smoke break or on the measly one hour they have for lunch??

Not me.  So I am going to get a pretty laptop that makes me happy, that I can blog from, surf from and of course Facebook from the comforts of my bed!

I of course, being a girl with no technical knowledge and a VISA card that is already maxed so why not max it more kinda attitude, automatically look for the cutest laptop I can find:

Cute right?  I send it to my friend M who is a guy, who likes to save money and do things himself – blah blah blah…LOL  He tells me “Niki, the smaller the screen the more expensive so go for a bigger screen etc etc etc”  Okay, I say “etc” because I tend to stop listening when people are trying to talk me out of something I really want!

Then I find out, that laptops don’t have Microsoft office or antivirus’ already installed on them – that it costs extra to do so.  PLUS I have a million (or so) files on my current laptop (pictures, teaching assignments) that have to be transferred.  M said he could do that…I am sure he can, but I get nervous when it comes to my pictures – I miss the days of “negatives” that I could throw in my drawer and know I could always find them when needed.  Keeping pictures on an electronic device that breaks very easily makes me incredibly nervous.  I hope M knows what he is getting himself into if he does switch them over.  I will be VERY anxious!  LOL…

So I have decided the best thing to do is have M take me laptop shopping.  I am sure, somewhere I can get a new pink laptop with Microsoft Office and an antivirus for a great price – and M will help me find it!  And these are the days I miss my old bff because he was the person I would go to for all these things, but he ruined that and so did I so it just makes me ever so much more grateful to have M as my friend!

I look forward to blogging more often SOOOOON!

XOXO Nikilee


On September 21st my dad bought me the very beautiful PINK vaio that I wanted!  Love you daddy!!!

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