I changed my mind…again

So after listening to my aunt – whom I love dearly, and many, many co-workers, I have decided to give dream guy another date.  I felt a connection with him, which scared me and I know it did, but I can’t give up on love or on me because of the ghosts in my closet.

So me and dream guy have been talking over texts for the past couple days, getting more intense lately.  Today I agreed to see him on Saturday.  Movies, talking, dinner…who knows, maybe my life will be made easier, maybe more difficult.  But I have to see, I have to try, even if I end up hurting us both more.  It’s only fair.  I can’t let my fears of the past, stop me from living in the present.

Meanwhile, over in another part of my brain, are the weddings that are popping up.  I have one next weekend and one two weeks later.  I have nothing to wear!  I have to shop with K on Friday because I am out of ideas…I wanna look great and feel great, but I need to find something fabulous.  I am so excited for my friends, but I am also excited to have a good night with my other friends that are invited to the weddings, dancing, eating and drinking – not in that order!!!  LOL

Life is pretty interesting right now, my blogs will hopefully get much more interesting in the coming weeks!!!

Have a great Wednesday night everyone!

XOXO Nikilee

3 thoughts on “I changed my mind…again

  1. Your aunt loves you too!!!!!!! Will be thinking of you and dream guy while I float to the swim- up bar and enjoy a Pina Colada next week. Looking forward to reading your blog when I return.

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