Happy 100 blogs

So this blog is number 100.  It’s crazy to think that just under a year ago, I started this blog sad, insecure and unsure of everything and everyone.  However now, I am happier, stronger and more sure of myself then I have ever been.  Thank you Lord.


Today I wanna talk about weddings. I was always that little girl who dreamed of my wedding, the big dress, the church, the fancy party afterwards, horses and princess tiaras…having now been to a handful of weddings I am not so sure.  People spend a lot of money on weddings, and while they are fun and beautiful and I am so happy for all my friends and family who get married and have amazing weddings, it seems like a lot of effort for one day.  I kinda wanna fly to Vegas and elope.  Not that I am thinking of marrying anytime soon, but really…I don’t feel the same way about marriage that I did a couple of years ago.

I am sure part of my thinking is to do with the dashed dreams I experienced with the ex, but really I am just a very different person now.  No high expectations, high hopes.  But this doesn’t mean that I still don’t want marriage, I just want marriage only, wedding optional.  Last night I went to my buddy T’s wedding and it was great, he looked good, his bride was beautiful and everyone had fun.  But the whole day went by so freaking quickly.  I cannot imagine spending that much moolah on a day that goes by quicker then a snap of the fingers.  Sigh, we will see…I still have quite some time before I get married.

Today, the day after the wedding, I am lying in bed, watching tv and eating ice cream – well Sorbet – and it’s fantastic.  I really enjoy doing nothing sometimes because so often I always have to be doing something.  I am watching Knocked Up – where the hot entertainment director gets pregnant from the ugly stoner loser and … in the end she has the baby and all works out in the end.  It’s such a funny movie, even after seeing it for the fifth or sixth time. This week is going to be a busy week, between the Interview event with PAYE, my normal work stuff, Sign Language 2 class, dinner with dream guy and trying to fit in NK time, I am wondering when things will slow down or get more exciting…hmmm we’ll see…lol.

Have a great week

XOXO Nikilee

One thought on “Happy 100 blogs

  1. Nice to hear from you. You look awesome. If you need a guide in Vegas I will be happy to be of service. Love Aunt S

    PS – does dream guy have a name? We want details girl, details!!!!!!

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