It fits

La dee dee la dee da life goes on right…that’s what the song says anyway.  Today I got to focus on some good!  My friend Kim’s upcoming wedding in the Dominican Republic!!!  I am fortunate enough to be  a bridesmaid and the dresses are beautiful.  As her largest bridesmaid, I was worried about what the dress would look like on me, but I had my first fitting today and it was beautiful.  I am having it shortened of course because I am a shrimp but thats all the alterations that need done!  I cannot wait to show you pics from the wedding.

S0 with all the gramma drama I was unable to let you know about dream guy.  On the Saturday before she passed I went to my buddies wedding and I realized while I was there that even though dream guy was a great guy, he wasn’t going to be the one to make me fall in love again.  The next day, I woke up and instantly knew the day.  November 6th – my would be 6  year anniversary with the ex *had we still been together*.  I broke up with dream guy that night.  I am not ready to love someone else at this point because a part of me still loves the ex – as annoying as that may be to everyone.

There is still a lot to do regarding my grandmothers estate – so pretty much every night is taken up with taking my dad to banks, lawyers etc.  We also have the daunting task of emptying my grandmothers home – ya that will pretty much kill me.  Should be fun!

Talk to all as soon as I can

XOXO Nikilee



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