Fire and Ice

The one good thing that came out of being dumped by the ex was that my relationship with my girlfriends increased ten fold!

One of those relationships I have re-developed was with a sweetheart A – she’s going to be called the NYU girl cause she went there and I was super jealous that she was there since New York is my favourite place on earth! 

Last night me and NYU girl went out for a dinner at Fire and Ice in Markham.  I have never been there before and it had been a while since she had and let me tell you – it was YUM YUM YUMMY!  It’s a cool vibe and what you do is choose your protein then you go and pick your noodles, veggies and sauce and give it to a guy who takes it all and cooks it up while you munch on salad and bread – BREAD!  YUMMM

We got there around 5:30 and since we were there before 6:00 we got the early bird special which was two proteins – chicken and shrimp for us!  The food was cooked really well and the sauce really intensified the flavour.  It was a great meal and I look forward to going back there one day.

The conversation with NYU girl was great as always, she is such an amazing person, has such an interesting life and we have made plans to go in a hot air balloon this summer which will cross off one thing from BOTH our bucket lists!  I cannot wait!

I met her over 10 years ago when we were both “pages” at the Cedarbrae Library.  We got along instantly and have kept in touch throughout the years randomly while we both went to school, had relationships that went up and down (she’s married to a great guy now) and got jobs completely out of our fields.  She’s one of those people I don’t need to talk to everyday or even every month, but once we get together, it’s like I saw her yesterday.  I love catching up with her and making plans to have more time together in the near future.

Our next date will be a Saturday at her place where we will go swimming and then she is going to introduce me to random teas (she LOVES tea of all flavours). 

I look forward to more time with her and hearing all about her adventures as a crazy fun, married, working girl!

XOXO Nikilee


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