Twas the Night before Christmas…

when all through the house, my nieces and nephew, brother and sister-in-law, aunt, uncle and cousin and father all came together for a Milway family feast of pink salad, sausage rolls, meats and cheeses etc.  A family tradition that was started long before I was born and has continued even though our family has shrunk and grown at random times.

The food was great, the company even better.

Family picture with dad, me and my brother

Milway family tree – not cute or pretty, but it’s tradition and it’s ours!!!

Be good to you and yours!

XOXO Nikilee

Lets look back at 2011

When I started this blog, I talked about goals I wanted to work on for the coming year.  Here is a reminder list:

1. I joined Weight Watchers in October 2010 and I would like to lose minimum 25 pds this year!

2. My credit card is maxed with school fees, shoes and clothes and my car etc etc.  If I stick to the budget I have created for myself then I will have no credit card debt by January 2012!

3. I have not travelled very much in my life and I would like to travel more.  I don’t care where really.  I would just like to travel to 2 or more places this year. 

4. My hope is that I won’t turn down ANY invitations this year.  If someone wants to go out – I am going out (unless it doesn’t work with the budget I talked about in number 2).

5. Last one…I lost the love of my life this year and my goal is to enjoy being single, enjoy being me and maybe even figure out who I am.  I am not saying I won’t date this year (or maybe even get back with said ex?!) but I need some time for self discovery, self-love and a whole lot of fun!

So: how well did I do?  Pretty well actually looking back over my list.  As far as losing 25 pds, I did!  However I’ve since gained three pds so I am down 22 pds in total – which for me is a success!

The debt – yes the ever-lasting, never leaving debt that is my credit card…it’s still there.  I kind of lived on the retail therapy side of things when my emotions ran high – plus my car, my trips etc!  New plan for 2012 – use my inheritance to pay if off – not how I wanted it to go, but debt free is debt free!

Travel~I went to the Bahamas in February and have already booked a trip to the Dominican in January.  Me and the ex have talked about possibly doing a couple small trips in the summer just to see baseball games in different cities – remember my bucket list?  To see every major league baseball diamond!  So I have done some travelling – my dads and Nana’s health kind of limited my vacation time.

I accepted a lot of invites this year – I went out with friends a lot, I went dancing, to dinners, to homes to relax, I even drove my two bff’s to Niagara Falls for an evening just to go to the Coach store.  I am a good friend!  LOL

I have dated a few different guys this year, two who were actual boyfriends, and they were both nice guys (okay one was way nicer then the other – R this means you), but overall I was happier being single.  Why would any rational 30-year-old woman prefer being single to “in a relationship” as my Facebook friends will understand?  Because, if you are not over the ex, what is the point of hurting good people who are falling in love with you – when you know you can’t love someone else back – not fully at least.  I would rather be single until someone comes along who makes me forget my ex and want to move on OR if God willing, get back together with my ex and work on our relationship.  I know what one my family is hoping for – I am just not 100% which one I am hoping for yet?!

It’s been an interesting 2011, a sad year, a great year, a hard year, an educational year….but overall, I have come out on top.  Today is my last day of work for this year.  I am so glad because my cold is still threatening me everyday and I need time to get ready for Christmas.  I hope to message you all over the holidays, but if not, please have a wonderful Christmas season and BE SAFE!

XOXO Nikilee

Five things I’ve learned from being sick

My worst nightmare came true: I ended up so sick I had to leave work Monday half day and had all day Tuesday off in bed!  I am back to work today, even though I am not 100% because it’s Christmas and our office is already short-staffed!

These are the five things I have learned from being sick:

1. The idea of showering, a normally pleasant thought, strikes fear and terror in the heart of someone who is sick, because really who can stand in a hot shower when they have no energy to move, let alone stand for 15 long minutes.

2. No one is very supportive when you are sick and it’s a few days prior to Christmas.  My brother barely came near me enough to throw a vicks nose thing at me before retreating to a less germ infested area of the house. However that vicks thing helped me breath so yay brother!

3. As a former tv-o-holic, there is NOTHING on tv the week before Christmas, everything is repeats, and during the day – tv sucks.  I guess this was a good thing because I slept great since I had nothing to distract me.

4. My homemade lasagna, which I made late last week still tastes amazing even when your taste buds aren’t up to snuff due to said sickness!

5. When sick, I just couldn’t care less how dirty/messy the house is, so I have three nights left to clean it from top to bottom!  I am so not impressed!

I am feeling better, but God forbid I continue being sick, I say we cancel Christmas, return all gifts and fly to the Caribbean for a week!  I’m just saying! 😉

XOXO Nikilee

The three C’s

Cats, cold and country…three things I don’t like! 

My visit to Bobcaygeon was “interesting”.  Lets just say that.  It was great to see my mother and my aunt and catch up with them, but my mom owns a cat, a very unattractive cat – a creepy freaky looking cat and my allergies went nuts!  Allergy pills were NOT helping yesterday, they never really do at her house and I don’t know why cause K’s cat never bothers me.  I thank God that this cat does not like strangers, it was never in site for more then the 15 seconds mom’s bf made her stay with us. 

The other problem is that my mother’s house is cold – I mean, wear a parka, start a fire, my fingers and toes are falling off cold!  I don’t know why, I mean her bf is unwell so you’d think warmth would be a priority, but it’s not, so it’s cold.  I was not warm from the moment I walked in the house until the moment I came home (my dad’s house is the opposite – a sauna)!

Then there is the third C, the country.  Now I like to visit the country – in the summer when I can go swimming in the lake, or tanning on the beach…but the country in winter sucks in my opinion. The only nice thing was walking down to the lake (at the end of her street) and going to see if there was any DUCKS.  There wasn’t…big shock!  I did get my Kawartha Dairy ice cream though – I was already cold, why not throw myself under the bus!  I am a CITY girl, I have said this over and over again throughout different blog topics and I am proud to be a city girl, I am not proud to be the daughter of a country girl…lol…how two people who are blood related could be so different is beyond me, but we are and I love her anyway!

It’s always nice to see my mom, especially at Christmas, but if I spend Christmas with my dad sick, I will be one very unhappy camper!

XOXO Nikilee

Hi ho hi ho…

It’s off to Bobcaygeon we go?  Okay so I am sure the dwarfs never imagined themselves heading to Bobcaygeon on the Sunday before Christmas, but I am!  Well not JUST me, I am going with my brother, sister-in-law and their three kiddies.   And they have already been arguing…it’s gonna be a long ride!

Usually my mother and G come down to visit us at my brothers, but ever since G got sick, they don’t make the trip into the city.  I for one can never imagine living more then 30 minutes outside of the city, but I am a city girl, I guess my mother isn’t anymore, but it would still kill me to never get into the city that I was born and raised!

So here we go…T is driving thank God cause the drive into Bobs House (as the ex calls it) is long without much cool stuff to see – again, just my opinion, pls don’t spam me for arguing against the country!  We are having our annual Christmas afternoon with my mom.  An afternoon for Christmas with my mother may seem strange to some, but it’s something that I am used to and unfortunately don’t have many memories of it being any other way.

So I have 4 more work days until I get 10 days off – trust me this is extremely exciting.  I have ZERO plans over my vacation days and I love it that way.  I want to clean up some stuff, throw some stuff out, go to my nana’s and clean a bit and spend some time with friends and the ex.  Yes the ex and I are still getting closer and hanging out and talking whenever we can.  Soon I am going to have to change his name on my blog, I mean really, I can’t keep calling him the ex if we are friends…maybe I’ll ask him what he wants me to call him – HA, he will say nothing, he will tell me to leave him out of my blog, he hates social media and blogs and his personal business being spread like wild-fire around the internet…lol…he chose the wrong girl to be friends with!!  LOL  Poor ex!

Well folks, with a week to go and Christmas being over, I hope you all are spreading good cheer and thinking of ways to make 2012 the best year ever!

Best of luck and love to you all…another hour and a half I will be in Bobcaygeon!  bye-bye Toronto, for now…

XOXO Nikilee

To be an elf…

Last year my co-worker and fellow ASL student “Cookie”  fell ill and was unable to help her then 8-year-old son put up their Christmas tree.  Now, I love Cookie so I decided I would do what I could and help them put up their tree!  We had a great time and her son, trouble maker, loved it!  She’s called me her little Elf ever since!

This year Cookie is feeling fine, but it’s kind of become our thing; that I would help them put up the tree again this year was inevitable.  Last night I went over to Cookies and somehow ended up backing onto their lawn – missed half their double driveway by like two feet!  Not a good start!  But I brought coffee and hot chocolate so it was all good! 

Trouble-Maker always makes me smile, he’s just so darn cute, yet at that age where every move you make you are pretty sure he is going to tear down the house – on purpose? well that depends on the day.  Cookie brought up the tree and darn it we could not for the life of us figure out how to light it so that the bottom branches would light up – it’s a self-lit tree. 

We spent about 30 minutes plugging and re-plugging in all the outlets to each other, but alas, no bottom lights.  After that it was time to decorate.  Now let me tell you; Cookie has become one of my favourite people, but she is a little like me in the sense that every ornament must have its proper place and you can’t have too much red or gold in one area or she MUST change it.  She had me laughing the whole time!  Her tree was looking a tad bulemic on one side so we added more decorations, but that meant we had to add more decorations all over the tree because it wasn’t even.  Finally, when I left she seemed “okay” with the poor trees appearance.  I can almost guarantee though that if I go back in a day or two, ornaments will be re-arranged and branches will be spread even farther!  Oh Cookie!

XOXO Nikilee

I love poppy’s little helper!

Last year it somehow came out that my oldest niece R liked to wrap presents.  My father, needing an excuse to be lazy, joked about her helping him.  She fell hook, line and sinker and wrapped all of his gifts to the family (except to herself obviously).  This year the exact same thing happened.  It has become a new tradition.  R comes over, they eat Swiss Chalet – her favourite – and they turn on the Christmas tunes and wrap gifts all night until they are complete. 

Now, normally I would complain that my father does nothing and he needs to do things for himself, but he gets such a kick from her coming over and spending time with her that I can’t say anything.  I only wish I was able to have had that kind of relationship with my own grandfather (who passed when I was 6) so I bite my tongue and let them have at it. 

She loves it too.  She loves feeling helpful, and being in charge *a bit like her aunt much*  lol…this weekend was extra special because it was her 13th birthday weekend!  My niece is a teenager – two down, one left to go!  She is so small and child like that it is very hard for me to believe she is a teenager.  I mean I remember turning 13 in 7th grade and I thought I was so cool and so old – and R – well she’s just not and doesn’t even pretend to be.  I was all into clothes and friends and being outside of my fathers home…and her, well it’s the opposite.  For this I am kind of grateful.  She’s so precious and I am so proud to be her aunt and I know my dad just adores her.  She will have these memories her entire life and that is a gift I cannot deny either of them!

XOXO Nikilee