They say who you spend New Years with…

…is who you will spend the rest of the year with.  Well in this case, for me, it was true.

I spent New Years Eve 2011 with two of my very best girlfriends N and K.  I wasn’t in the mood to celebrate a year that ensured I would not be with the ex. However spending the night by myself seemed depressing and pathetic so me and my girls went over to a house party.  It was a great night, I remember most of it (napping with Kristi after throwing up wine was actually a key highlight) and am grateful that once again, my girls were there for me.

I have spent the majority of 2011 hanging out with girlfriends and developing my friendships.  Yes I have dated a few guys, but really my favourite times were hanging with E and the Dobermans, K and her kitty, N and her son or talking with K about her upcoming wedding in the Dominican (which FYI I am SUPER excited about).  I have also refreshed some friendships – NYU girl, my neighbour best friend from childhood and M who is my sushi boyfriend! 

All of these people have helped me get through 2011 with only a few battle scars.  I am looking forward to 2012 for many reasons: the trip, more time with friends, becoming debt free etc.  However 2012 will also have its share of challenges: a possible strike or lockout for me and the rest of the City workers, selling my nana’s house etc etc.  I will be calling on the above to help me through those tough times, but also to help me celebrate the great times ahead!

Another thing 2012 will bring is a reconciliation between me and the “ex”.  I don’t necessarily mean as a boyfriend, but as a friend for sure.  We have already spent the past month talking and spending time together, rehashing 2011 to get to a pretty good place.  There were a lot of false assumptions on my part that were made and that I now have to deal with.  However, as much as we have talked about a possible future, he has a lot to deal with right now and admittedly can not give me what I need in a relationship so I am not going to go there.  No more one step forward two steps back for me this year.  I am moving forward only; if or when he is ever ready to do that we will talk, but for now, I am grateful to have my friend back. 

I hope you all have a wonderful week!

XOXO Nikilee


One thought on “They say who you spend New Years with…

  1. Niki, I can’t tell you how thrilled I am that you and the “Ex” are once again communicating and are friends!!!!!!! I still believe he is your destiny. Remember, the friendship came long before the romance and I can only wish for this to happen again. HOWEVER, you are so wise to not move forward until he is ready to give you what you want and need – the commitment, marriage and children you deserve.
    Aunt S

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