1 more day…

…of being 30 then I am technically Nikilee31!  Although I won’t be changing my blog post, I will no longer be 30 – but in my 30’s!  Does that count??  For me it will!

Friday I went over to my girl K’s house for a night of Dexter!  We finished season 1.  It’s disturbing how much I love this show.  I mean Dexter is a vigilante murderer who fills his passion for killing by killing bad people – men and women a like.  We watched the whole first season in two sittings – this tells you what a great show it was!  On to season 2 K!!!

Saturday I had to weigh in – up a pound!  ARGHHH!!!  Somehow my plan to lose 4 pds by Christmas and an additional 6 pounds by my trip to the Dominican did not happen – in fact I’ve been up up and up every freaken week!  Oh boy.  I’ve decided I need some incentive.  So here we go:

Lose 5 pounds: buy a new sweater!

Lose 10 pounds: buy a new purse!

Lose 20 pounds: go away for a weekend to Niagara Falls

Lose 25 pounds: Buy a new Ipod!

There you have it!  My incentive for 2012!  I want a new sweater that’s warm and pretty and work appropriate hence why that is my first incentive!  Once I get closer to the 25 pound mark I will add new incentives!!!

After weight watchers I had a wonderful hot stone massage booked – my gift to me!  If you have not had a hot stone massage before – please do!  I went to Uptown Spa www.uptownspa.com and had Barbara the Masseuse give me the hot stone massage.  I was all warm and toasty and relaxed – time to pick up my girl K, go movie shopping, grocery shopping, watch some mindless Jersey Shore and get ready for dinner!

Dinner was with K and the Romanian.  We went to Jack Astors in Scarborough!  Three words – Garlic Pan Bread!  YUMMM!  Of course with cheese!!!  Having dinner with K and the Romanian was great and a perfect way to celebrate my almost birthday!  I like to see K happy, it makes me happy – she deserves it! 

Sunday I woke up, turned on the computer and watched my church service from home.  I have been having the same problems with my (bum) lower back as before so lying in bed watching Pastor Bob do his thing seemed much more comforting then sitting up in church.  The passage to remember for this week:

If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.  1John 1:9

If you want to watch the whole sermon please google “Global Kingdom Ministries Live” and watch January 8th – message.  I hope to get back in the Church soon because I feel – unwell – when I’m not there regularly, but this is the next best thing for me!

Question for the day: how do you celebrate your birthday?

Have a good week everyone!

XOXO Nikilee

2 thoughts on “1 more day…

  1. I have a suggestion. Buy your new sweater now and not after you lose 5 pounds. Spend the next few days figuring out all the new ways and places you can wear your new sweater and possibly the new belt and/or shoes that perfectly complement it. You will have so much fun you might drop a few pounds out of excitement. Why do only the skinny girls get to enjoy themselves?…

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