The next 12 days can not come fast enough

In 12 days I will be leaving the cold and the snow for a fun-filled week in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  We are staying at the Majestic Colonial which everyone I have talked to and has been said I will LOVE it!

I mean really – if it’s warm dry and there is food and “beverages” why wouldn’t I like it.  I am in Toronto where it is cold, wet and I have to cook my own food and if I drink at noon people question my sanity.  Sigh, it’s just better in the Caribbean. 

I still have to pack though.  This is where my issue comes in.  I over pack.  By a lot.  I know all I need it a bathing suit, a dress, a tank top and shorts but I pack three bathing suits, 4 capris, 6 tank tops, 4 dresses…you get the idea.  I won’t even go into how many shoes I bring! I need to figure stuff out.  When I went to the BahamasI had to put stuff in my girlfriends bag so I wouldn’t be charged to board the plane home.  I. AM. INSANE. 

Doesn’t that look nice!  I cannot wait for some palm trees and swim up bars! 

this weekend!  She gave us beach bags and flip-flops with our names on them and towels with her and her hubbies initials on them!  So cute!!!  I love it!  We ate at Portley Piper in Ajax.  I had the chicken avocado sandwich and I still can’t get over how much I love avocado!  I hope they have them in the DR!!

Have a great week everyone…the count down is on…

XOXO Nikilee

3 thoughts on “The next 12 days can not come fast enough

  1. You will love it at the Majestic! Beatiful l-o-n-g pool, good food (for the Dominican), try the steak/seafood restaurant on the beach. You don’t need reservations for any ala carts but the Japanese – if you want the show cooking. Make sure you go to the buffet in the early evening, walk all the way past the tables and chairs, and get a Mexican, Spanish, or other fancy coffee from the guy on the left. He puts on a good show and the spiked coffee extravaganza is yummy. If you like silver jewellery, talk to your rep at the orientation about going to the place where a lady designs and makes sterling silver jewelly. I can’t remember the name but it is a FREE excursion, van picks you up at hotel in morning and takes you to her nearby establishment. Ground floor is her beautiful jewelery and upstairs is usual Dominican souveniers

  2. Have a ball and remember first rule of travel – take half the clothes and twice the money as you THINK you need. I think the jewellery place is called “Nicole’s” – how could I forget that!!!

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