Diamonds are a girls best friend…

…maybe not, I have lots of friends and I would never give up one of them for a diamond (however if one wanted to GIVE me a diamond, I wouldn’t say no)  It must be almost Valentines Day because People’s and Mappins are sending out their special flyer…so pretty!  Even if I get no jewelry I still love looking at these flyers…

I am home ill again today because I have no voice – literally…I can’t speak, it’s all squeaky and scratchy and SO not attractive!  Thank God for text messaging and blogging and Facebook.  I haven’t been this quiet for this long in years!!!  Being quiet makes me think and thinking is not always a good thing!!

With Valentines coming up I have to accept the fact that I am alone on this day of love and romance and blah blah blah all over again.  Last year was my first Valentines  Day that I had ever been alone, and now here I am again – round 2!  This year though is okay.  Last year I felt like the only single girl in the world, and while not much has really changed in that sense – seriously how do all my friends have boyfriends/husbands – I am much happier being single this year then I was last year.

Last year I never could have imagined myself loving anyone other than GBF, but I now know that to be untrue.  I have felt something real with someone who was worth the heartache and even though it was bad timing and I wasn’t whom he wanted in the end, what I felt proved to me that I can love someone else again, I can give myself to someone and trust someone, it will just take the right someone else.

So maybe I won’t get flowers or chocolate or wine on February 14th, but I have a smile on my face and warm memories in my heart.  Because I have loved, in the past and I have cared about people since and I have people who care about me now.  And who knows, maybe this time next year, I’ll be with the man of MY dreams which is something I can smile about.

I hope all of you couples have a wonderful pre-Valentines day weekend and are with the one you love.  Those of you are single…enjoy it regardless, call a friend, a parent or another relative and tell them how much you care…cause really shouldn’t Valentines Day be about showing love to everyone?  Why just your partner?? 

Ciao people

XOXO Nikilee

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