Aww I am loved! (well at least liked)

Happy Valentines Day blogging friends and family!  The day where I want so badly to roll over in bed and throw the pillows over my head and groan about how much I like this boy or that boy (okay well maybe that’s going to far) is instead a day where I need to wake up at 6:00 am and get my ass ready for a day of work.  Because I don’t look good in red (I am way to pink to wear red) I threw on my favourite pink sweater and black khaki’s and headed out the door with minimal make up and my hair in a ponytail.  I mean – who am I impressing today??  The client’s who want me to create award-winning resumes for them??  The co-workers who are 90% female, 10% married or gay men??  I don’t think so. 

But then my bbm went off (I love you bbm) and a sweet friend of mine asked if I had plans tonight.  He figured as I am single, I would be available and  he wanted to take me out tonight.  As sweet as the thought was, I do have plans tonight.  I am going to see my bff for a few minutes and then go spend the rest of it with my dad who really, since I don’t actually have a Valentine – at least not one I will get to spend time with – is the next best choice. 

Then GBF wished me a happy Valentines day which also makes me feel great because he is slowly becoming that amazing friend I had so many years ago.  Of course driving into work, I heard songs I’d rather not hear and lots of announcements for lovey dovey stuff, but I managed to get into work fairly unscathed.  Really, I am not that much of a cynic regardless of how I sound now.

Once here I received two special Valentines Day treats from co-workers (a thing our Social Committee puts on every year).  See I am loved!!!  Actually it was from two of my favourite co-workers who make coming into work a pleasure not a pain.  Now I have chocolate to munch on throughout the day and I am going to spoil myself with sushi for lunch, because I have not had it since being back from DR and I need it. 

I hope you all have a special Valentines Day, I had hoped mine would be special, but since it won’t be special in the way I’d hoped, I’ll take what I can get…amazing day at work with chocolate and sushi and an evening with the bff and my dad!

XOXO Nikilee

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