I love my sushi boyfriend

So yesterday my sushi boyfriend came over – not for sushi but to fix my mildew infested front hall closet.  There is nothing better than a guy who can tear down a wall, add new drywall, paste over it and then clean up after himself!  LOL…Sushi boyfriend is so helpful and I am so excited for him to re-do my whole basement into an apartment – mainly because I am desperate to get my own space!  He will do it up right so I can enjoy myself and be comfortable when I am home!!

The good thing is that he is going to come by my work Friday at lunch and we are going to do Sushi for lunch!  He knows me so well and since I get along with his gf, we are very comfortable hanging out together with or without her.  It’s great to have a friend of the opposite sex that I can just be friends with and get advice from and also advise as well.  LOL…yes we both have drama filled lives!  Mine more so this time around then him…but it’s okay my drama is worth it and he understands that!

So, my closet is almost done, I can hide all my coats and shoes again after this weekend and then a particular someone won’t have to hide their disdain for the amout of  “stuff” I have.  The maid will have a heart attack when she sees my living room covered in coats and shoes today!  YIKES!   Sorry Danuta!!

On a sadder note, I got word today that a former co-worker, passed away.  I only worked with him for a few months before I was advanced in my division and moved out to a different office, but I remember him as a kind-hearted soul who never had a horrible thing to say about anything.  He was wonderful and he had a stroke that took his life.  It’s sad to know that his family and friends will no longer have his contagious smile to admire.  Carroll Gajaraj will be deeply missed by all who knew and loved him.  God bless you!

XOXO Nikilee


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