I love technology but…

****apologies for the unusual amount of expletives, or assumed use of expletives

Back in the fall I bought the R internet stick so I could have access to email etc at night and on weekends.  I figured $35.00/mo.  and $0.00 for the actual stick was a great deal – and it is.  I am very happy having internet. 

When I signed up for this deal they asked for my email address.  I figured they would just send me spam and I would block their ass like I do every other company that insists on an email address.  I didn’t even think to ask why they wanted it. 

I soon found out.  They switched me from paper statements being mailed to my house to electronic versions being sent to my email.  The problem – I blocked them the first time I saw “R” pop up.  A couple of months went by and I hadn’t received a paper statement and I hadn’t even realized how much time had passed.  I called R and they said I owed over $250.00 for my cell + internet + late charges.  I told them I had not received a statement and that I have ALWAYS paid the day after I receive my statements.  They told me I no longer had paper statements – that it was all done electronically.

Those of you who know me – know I have a very intense filing system of my paper statements from everything to my car bills – to my phone bills to my bank statements.  Everything is categorized.  I freaked on the poor R representative.  I’m sorry sweetheart – it’s not your fault your company is annoying.  Finally she managed to get me back on paper statements – now of course because the whole world is going technical, I have to pay an extra $2.00/mo. for this statement to be mailed!!!!  Are you F-ing kidding me!!!!!  I freaked again – really this poor girl must have thought I was insane – and old.  I mean what young person wants all that paper hanging around?  Me, I do.  I love paper!

So now I am paying an extra $2.00 to be organized.  Good grief. 

The other day in the mail I got a bank statement with a letter attached.  Dear Ms. Nikilee, as of April 1st 2012 T bank will no longer be sending paper statements by mail.  Please ensure you have signed up for online banking where you can view your statements and blah blah blah.  For a $2.00 userfee we can continue sending you paper statements.  My face turned 6 shades of red. I mean $2.00 is more then the cost of a damn stamp! I mean seriously…what about the people who cannot afford internet – what about those who are disabled and cannot get themselves to the library to check their accounts.  What about those who are sick and have loved ones taking care of them but don’t want to give them access to their passwords!  WHY OH WHY is the world changing so much.  My organized Gold side is wanting to cry, my defiant side is saying SCREW YOU technology I will pay your $2.00 and you will send me paper copies of my bill!!!!!!!

The poor, broke, responsible side of me is saying, F-it, I will start checking my email and go with online copies of my statement.  I lay down in defeat!  I am so sad. 

Have a wonderful Tuesday!

XOXO Nikilee


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