Ate dinner then made dinner…something seems wrong!

Last night after a really long day of work, I met up with two of my favourite ladies whom I used to work with at my old TESS office.  When I became a case worker I was transferred to a different office, but I kept in touch with three of my favourite ladies and have had dinner/nights out with them regularly ever since.

Last night we hit up Canyon Creek which is an amazing place that equals Keg quality food, but not at Keg quality prices! Seeing them again just made me instantly relax.  I am so blessed to have such amazing women in my life who I truly enjoy spending time with.  I got a Raspberry Blue bubble to drink (think blue freezee) and the prime rib (small) with mashed potatoes.  SO. FREAKEN. GOOD. 

We talked for two hours and I left them sad to say goodbye – but grateful to know how supporting and loving they are!  I went home to realize it was Thursday! I had told my mom I would make her a lasagna!!!  OH NO!  Okay so fast forward two hours and I had made two delicious lasagnas (I had to make one for Dad also or he would cry foul).  My mom has been going through so much with Biker Dude and his cancer.  It’s getting worse and it does not look good.  Again, it’s difficult to sympathize,  but I love my mom and I don’t like to know she is going to be alone soon.  So I have made her some food that my Auntie G will bring her today and hopefully that will at least allow her to not worry about food for herself for a few days. 

I want to wish you all a Happy St Patties Day!  I am decked out in green, feeling lucky and ready to have an amazing weekend!  Have a great day everyone! 

Me and my Irish boss decked out in green!

XOXO Nikilee


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