Spring has Sprung – let’s vote!

Oh, I love working for the City of Toronto – a city I love!  However every three or four years, its stressful and causes me to feel anxiety.  It’s that time of year when contracts are renegotiated and my CUPE members fight for a fair(ish) contract.  The city won’t budge, the union won’t budge so we, the members are voting – today.  If after the vote the contract is signed – a lot of us get screwed, but some crazy changes.  If it’s not signed, we all could possibly be on strike, be locked out or be forced to work under different provisions.  I don’t like it – not one bit.  I figure no matter what happens today, we lose.  It’s one of the unfortunate facts of life working for a large municipality.  However, working for Social Services, I also get to help, encourage and support Torontonians on a daily basis and I love that part! 

Since it is beginning to feel a bit like Spring again (what were those single digit temperatures about??) I am thinking ahead – I need to do some major spring cleaning because by the beginning of summer I should have my new basement apartment and I want to make sure that only the essentials and the things I love go down there with me!  I will clean out the closet – both clothes and shoes and coats – coats!!!!  AHHHHH  Now lets face it, if we don’t go on said strike above, I will continue shopping and buy more stuff so really cleaning out closets is important so I can see what I need/want to fill up a pretty summer wardrobe!  I know I want some pretty summer dresses, I just am not sure where to go for them. I am not as small as I had hoped to be so I still need a store that carries a variety of clothes in a larger size – Ricki’s is great, but they don’t have a lot of casual clothes – most of my office clothes come from there.  I will figure it out – I am a shopper after all!

Speaking of being a smaller size – one of my goals of 2012 was to lose another 25 pounds.  I still believe I can do this except now it’s more like 26.4 pounds because I have gained 1.4 pounds since January!  Are you kidding me!  grrr…it’s been a rough year emotionally so far, but I am hoping to kick my ass back on track now that the nicer weather is here and get out and start moving more often.  I also need to get back to eating my salads and fruits cause they have disappeared out of my diet for carbs – bagels and subs, and sugar – pop and fudge!    Watching Biggest Loser last night made me remember that excuses can only carry you so far.  Newbie needs to start eating better too and since baseball season will begin soon at least he’ll get some exercise, but me – I can’t play again this year due to health issues, so I have to figure something else out. 

Tonight I go to my Nana’s house to clean it out a bit.  To take some things I want, my memories, those things that are meaningful to me.  My pups chair.  The chair I sat in every time I was at my nan’s while she would cook me dinner.  The books I read while snuggled up in that chair…Crazy Cat Ladies dad is going to cover it for me in black so it matches my bsmt apartment colours (right now it’s burnt orange…LOL…).  I can’t wait to read more great books snuggled up in it – reminiscing about my Nan. 

Before this turns mushy and I start to cry – it’s been an emotional week, I am going to end by wishing you all a Happy Hump Day, please keep me in your thoughts as my fate at work is determined by 23,000 people all voting based on their own interests! 

XOXO Nikilee


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