50 Things a child should do before turning 12

So many of us have bucket lists, but did you know your children should have a bucket list as well??  Well it’s true!  I was listening to the radio this morning and they were talking about it.  Many of the things they mentioned I had not done prior to 12 and many I have still not done at 31!  My life was clearly underprivileged!  Or maybe my family was just really boring…either way!  Here is this “very scientific” list:

1. Climb a tree – I was a chunky monkey kid and when I wasn’t chunky I was very girly – there was no tree climbing in my youth, and I doubt I would climb a tree now.

2. Roll down a really big hill – this I have done!  YAY!  We rolled down hills all the time – we lived near Tabor Hill on Bellamy Rd!

3. Camp out in the wild – I was a girl guide so yes I have camped…but it was at a girl guide park – does this count as the wild?  It was in tents and it rained and we got soaked and squirrels and skunks were our wildlife!

4. Build a den – really?  I don’t even know what this means.  I think of a den as a bsmt.  My dad had a den built for the family when I was like 5 or 6 does this count??

5. Skim a stone – YAY  I have done this – not successfully but I have tried!

6. Run around in the rain – yep here is another one I did!!!  Don’t all little kids like jumping in rain puddles??

7. Fly a kite – While I can’t remember specifically flying a kite, I am SURE I did.  If not, then I did last June with my mentee so I am counting this as a yes!

8. Catch a fish with a net – ewww…I’m not the fishing kinda girl…nope!

9. Eat an apple straight from a tree – I watched way to much tv where worms came out of apples, so no, I never did this and still wouldn’t.

10. Play conkers – I had to look this up…never heard of it – and nope I didn’t play it!

11. Throw some snow – oh ya, growing up in Scarborough we had great snow ball fights all the time!  Snow forts, angels, balls and snowmen were a plenty!

12. Hunt for treasure on the beach – my grade 6 science project was a metal detector.  My brainy friend and partner made it  and then we went out and searched for treasures!  We found some coins, a key, but nothing special. 

13. Make a mud pie – maybe I have hidden this memory.  I don’t recall.  Remember I was girly for a time, so I never would have thought to make this.  But I had guy friends so maybe they did and I watched??

14. Dam a stream – uhhh…no

15. Go sledging – Sledging is a term used in cricket to describe the practice whereby some players seek to gain an advantage by insulting or verbally intimidating the opposing player (thx Wikipedia).  No I have never done this, I have never even played cricket!!!

16. Bury someone in the sand – I am sure we did.  I spent a lot of time in the summers at Green Acres Trailer Park and we were on the beach all the time

17. Set up a snail race – really?  No, this list is getting sadder and sadder. It looks like fun, maybe I will do this in my thirties!

18. Balance on a fallen tree – yes!  YA I found one I did!!!  We would walk/run across fallen tree limbs all the time! 🙂

19. Swing on a rope swing – I wanna say no cause I don’t remember it at all – but something tells me in my gut I have done this – so I’ll say it’s a probably!

20. Make a mud slide – why do all children have to play with mud??  No  I did not do this!

21. Eat blackberries growing in the wild – We had a raspberry bush and I ate them wild so even though they aren’t blackberries, I did eat something growing in the wild so I am taking this one!

22. Take a look inside a tree –There used to be a lot of rotten caterpillar trees on my street *can’t think of the name of the actual type of tree, but caterpillars loved them* so since I collected them, I always looked into the holes in this tree and pulled out the little creatures!

23. Visit an island – At 16 years of age I visited Centre Island in Toronto, but not before the age of 12.

24. Feel like you’re flying in the wind – I would stick my head out the car window – back when seatbelts weren’t as enforced as they are now.  Does this count??

25. Make a grass trumpet – yes, wootwoot I did this – I still do this!  I am a true rock star!!!!

26. Hunt for fossils and bones – again another one I have done!  And I actually found little tiny bones that were probably a birds…my friends and I were pretty proud of ourselves.

27. Watch the sun wake up – ya know what, I am saying yes, but I can’t remember.  I have seen many sunIt doesn't look steep but it is! rises since so I am scratching this doozy off my bucket list!

28. Climb a huge hill – see number 2!  Tabor Hill is a big hill and we climbed it all the time!

29. Get behind a waterfall – sadly no and I still haven’t.  That’s on my bucket list still!

30. Feed a bird from your hand – when I was 8 a bird fell out of a nest and its mama flew away.  I took the bird and fed it bread and pineapple juice from my hand.  I believe the bird probably died, but one morning about three mornings after I began looking after it, it had escaped my shed and disappeared. 

31. Hunt for bugs – yep – constantly.  Considering I am so scared of bugs now, I was really brave in my youth!

32. Find some frogspawn – seriously I had to google this.  No I have not. 

33. Catch a butterfly in a net  –  yay, I did this one too!!!  I loved and still do love butterflies!

34. Track wild animals – for girl guides and brownies we had to look for animal tracks all the time so yay another check!

35. Discover what’s in a pond – my Aunt Shirley lived in a cottage and when we would visit my Aunt Gayle at her trailer we would visit Aunt Shirley at the cottage and she lived right on the lake – we would go in the lake around the rocks and dock and discover all sorts of things there – frogs, moss, bugs, minnows etc etc.

36. Call an owl – I still do this whenever I hear one – I “hoot” back!

37. Check out the crazy creatures in a rock pool – I’ve never heard of a rock pool but what I am imagining, no I have not.

38. Bring up a butterfly – I collected caterpillars all throughout my youth and yes I kept them until they would cocoon and hatch into a beautiful butterfly!

39. Catch a crab – nope 😦

40. Go on a nature walk at night – again thank you to the Girl Guides of Canada or else this list would make my youth seem awfully pathetic!

41. Plant it, grow it, eat it – Raspberries!  No technically I didn’t plant it – my neighbour did and it over grew onto my property!  However I watered them on my side and picked them when ripe and ate them!  Yumm!

42. Go wild swimming – what is this wild swimming we talk about??  In a lake – yes.  In an ocean – no.  In the nude – after I was 16!? YIKES!

43. Go rafting – uhhh nope

44. Light a fire without matches – even as a Girl Guide I needed matches or a lighter!

45. Find your way with a map and a compass – again Girl Guides of Canada you rock!

46. Try bouldering like rock climbing??  No…it wasn’t a cool thing to do back when I was growing up – no one I knew or hung out with had done that.

47. Cook on a campfire – every lunch and dinner at Guide camp! 🙂

48. Try abseiling – supposedly this means rappelling – like down a mountain.  I was not a safe enough child to have even considered this – my parents would NEVER have allowed it – I would have died.

49. Find a geocache – again thank you Wikipedia – it’s a treasure hunt type of game using a GPS.  No I did not do this.  In fact, was this technology even around in the late 80’s when I was a child??  We played hot and cold, Simon says, tag, hide and seek.  Why aren’t these on the list!  Heck put running bases on the list!  What about clapping games like Ms. Mary Mack??  Sigh, todays kids are way to techno savvy!  Booooo

50. Canoe down a river –  I grew up in Scarborough people and the trailer was a place to relax and play in the sand – not to canoe or raft…we did tubing every once in awhile!


So clearly this list proves that I was not an exciting child.  I didn’t even do half the things on this list and if it wasn’t for my bff at the time Shannon I would have done even less because I was only a Girl Guide because of her!  I think this list is great for those kids who love the outdoors, whose parents are fans of camping and such.  But my parents weren’t.  We played indoor games and outdoor games – but grew up in the city so we played sports and built forts and rode our bikes and skateboards.  I loved my youth – I wouldn’t change it to include any of the above *except MAYBE the snail races*, so I am going to count myself lucky and when/if I am blessed enough to have children, then I pray they appreciate the life I allow them to live when they are young.  I hope they get to do some things on this list, and heck I will join them so I can cross them off my list too – but if they don’t complete this list, and they still come out of their youth smiling, happy and able to love, then I will consider myself the world’s best parent! 

XOXO Nikilee

Book Review: Fifty Shades of Grey

Or as the male protagonist says: Fifty shades of fucked up!

So never have I done a book review and I am not an English scholar so please don’t look at this as some article that should be published in the Globe and Mail.  This is just my very biased opinion on a book I felt compelled to read!

About three weeks ago I was listening to the Kiss 92.5 breakfast show with Roz and Mocha and they were talking about this book that women were reading called “Fifty Shades of Grey”.  They advised that women were reading it, but hiding the covers because they didn’t want to be caught reading it!  I was automatically intrigued.  I love being a rebel!  What better way to rebel again society – then by *gasp* reading a book!!!  What could this book possibly be about???

I immediately went on Chapters.ca and ordered the book – ya that’s right, I don’t shop in stores anymore, I am that lazy – I order everything online.  Once my dad gives me permission, I will order my groceries online! 

Anyway, back to the book…so after a few days it came in the mail.  I felt no way about having my dad or nieces and nephew see the cover because they would have NO idea what it was about…what is it about you ask?  Sex, S&M, kinky shit sex.  But there is an underlying love story…there are actually a few underlying stories and that is what really sets this book apart from other Erotica that I have read or heard about – I mean how much Erotica do you think I read??  *diverts eyes to the side and shifts feet guiltily*

The two main characters are Anastasia Steele – a 21 year-old woman graduating from WSU and Christian Grey (hence the title) a young man in his twenties who has made a LOT of money and is CEO of his own corporation.  Ana is naive, sweet, awkward and exactly what you expect her to be.  She has very little self-esteem and even though she is described by her friends and Christian as being beautiful, she doesn’t see it (wow like this character doesn’t exist in every romance novel known to man).  Christian is a man’s man.  He is sexy, self-sufficient and powerful.  He is also only into whips, chains, and a whole array of other kinky sex stuff.  “Vanilla” sex isn’t his thing and if you don’t know what that means – read the book!  Well obviously these two meet and he wants her to be his submissive, she isn’t sure – she is a virgin after all – but ends up falling completely in love with him and has her first of MANY sexual experiences with this man.

Now, I loved this book.  I mean I actually couldn’t put it down.  I read it in three days.  But it wasn’t the kinky stuff that kept me hooked – well…okay it was, but really it was the love story developing between Mr. Grey and Ms. Steele.  I also love that it is the first of three books, because I am a series kind of girl (Twilight, House of Night and Harry Potter).  I like when stories continue – especially because this one did not really end with a wrap up like most books I read. 

E.L James, the female author has a very interesting mind.  She is going to make a lot of money.  This book had something for everyone.  I am not sure how much men would like it, because I don’t know what men like in books – but for women – it has it all.  Please pick up this story and read it.  Love it, enjoy it and show the cover proudly.  Why should we feel the need to hide the cover from those around us!?  It is listed as “Erotic Romance” for mature audiences and I agree.  I’m not even sure what age I would put on it – it is MATURE.  Only mature adults should read this story (so why was I allowed?  Right I have a credit card…hahahaha).  However, the cover as you can see from the pic above, does not give away anything, so go out – read this book in a park, on the subway or hidden away in your room where you can blush and giggle like the actual immature person you are – oh that was just me…okay whatev’s!

I cannot wait to order Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed the follow up’s in the trilogy to see where Ana and Christian go…it should be a great time that’s all I know!

XOXO Nikilee

My biggest fear came true

I weighed in – YAY

I gained 5.3 pounds – FUCK FUCK triple FUCK!  I hate cussing on blogs, but I actually wanted to cry when I weighed in.

I am only down 17 pounds now…I cannot believe it!  I immediately blamed newbie.  LOL…I mean I know it’s not newbies fault, but it’s fun to blame him because I hate taking responsibility for things…I have gained this weight since dating him, he eats shit food so I eat shit food, he doesn’t exercise so neither do I – he is  man!!!  I am a woman with a crap metabolism…what am I doing??  I need to smarten up – and soon!

Follow me bloggers…I will allow you a sneak peek into my journey at the bottom of every blog I write!

Today was a bad day – nothing good weight wise to report – I ate out at all three meals.

XOXO Nikilee

I saw Titanic in 3D

Saturday night as planned I finally saw what I had been hoping to see for years (ever since I saw Avatar in theaters and was amazed at the quality 3D could bring to a movie that otherwise I wouldn’t have enjoyed).  I figured, if I could like Avatar in 3D when I didn’t actually enjoy the movie, then I would LOVE Titanic in 3D because I LOVED that movie.

Back in 1997 I was a high school student attending Cedarbrae Collegiate.  Across the street from my school Cedarbrae Cinemas was still open, but had movies for $2.00 because lets face it – the theater itself was crap and ghetto as all heck so they had to have cheap movies!  I went with some friends for the first time to see  a young Leo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet play out my favourite love story to date as Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater.

I went on to see it 7 times in theater.  Yes I said 7 (seven).  I mean it was $2.00 and I had a few spares and lunches mixed together so I had 3+ hours to spare randomly throughout the week.  I bought it on VHS as soon as it came out and have probably watched it about 2-3 dozen times since then.  I almost always watch it when it’s on tv and when the studio announced it was coming out in 3D I KNEW I would be there!

What I love about Titanic:

The storyline – okay so it’s a total cliche.  Young rich woman hates her life and falls in love with the poor artist who ends up “saving her in every way a person can be saved”.  But Billy Zane (Cal) did such a good job of playing the dick head fiance that you just can’t help but love when Rose grows a backbone and decides she will stay with Jack and ditch Cal the moment the ship docks (Oh Rose if only you knew it wasn’t going to dock – you could have sex with Jack much sooner and at least gotten to do it two or three times!!). 

I am also well aware that this story is in essence about the sinking of the Titanic – a tragic part of history that hasn’t dared be repeated – I mean seriously…poor women and children left in the bottom of a sinking ship to die – makes me want to scream or spit in someones face – of right – Rose did that to Cal…nice job sweetheart!  I was proud of that one!

When Rose is being drawn by Jack – naked of course, because all 17 year-olds have that confidence level…didn’t you…my heart stopped the first time, imagining the embarrassment she must have felt…I mean anyone could have walked it – her mother, the butler, her fiance – right he was still in the picture!!!  It’s hard to remember these people are supposed to be teenagers…

At then end when Rose is holding onto Jack in the water, and he is dead – well come on the water was freezing – and their hair is frozen icicles, I actually shivered…there lips are purple, their skin is an off white/blue colour, you could see their breath – it looked brutal and my heart broke thinking of all the people who died in the water – 100 years ago.  Watching Rose let go of Jack, knowing this poor girl will probably be tortured the rest of her life, is sad…losing your first love is always hard – but he’s dead, it’s not like they grew apart…poor girl!!!

Titanic in 3D – so what was the difference?  Not much really.  I mean graphically it looked beautiful, the whole movie looked more bright, the colours and lines were clearer, the boat looked even more magnificent, the iceberg when it broke off into the ship was so real looking and the love-making scene – uh huh…it was good 😉 

It’s been a few months since I have seen this movie – watching itin 3D on the anniversary of the actual sinking was memorable and sad and even though this movie is very “Hollywood” I can’t help but be touched by the story of the sinking, the sadness that this glorious ship brought to so many people, families and friends of those who died in the water that night.  Of course, I cried.  I cry every single time.  I no longer sob like I used to, but I do cry, a few tears escape and every time they do I am sure I am the only one – but I know other people who do too, they just won’t ever admit it. 

Many of my friends and family (and Newbie) don’t understand my obsession with this movie, but I can’t help it – it touches me and it gets me everytime…maybe because it brings me back to the young girl who watched it in the ghetto theater by herself for $2.00 or maybe it’s the love story – we know I am a sucker for a great love story!

Go have a watch people.  I give it two thumbs up!

XOXO Nikilee

Weight Watchers – what should I do??

So those of you who actually follow my blog, know I have been on Weight Watchers since November 2010 when I decided that it was time to get healthy – time to get me back.  I went on to lose 25 pounds because weight watchers DOES work!.  I still had another 25 that I wanted to lose, but I stopped trying.  Whose fault was that – mine really.  I stopped when I started dating the Ugandan in May 2011.  I had lost such a great amount of weight – weight I never imagined me losing that I figured I could take some time to enjoy my summer, eat what I wanted and not worry about what happened – I’d get myself back in gear in the fall! Ya, that never happened.   Now I have slowly crept back up the scale.  I am up a few pounds.  Maybe 5-10, I haven’t been to weight watchers in weeks and it’s because I know the weight has come back…the idea of seeing my failure actually makes me want to crawl in a hole and cover myself with dirt. 

Now, I am fortunate, I have a great guy who makes me feel like the sexiest girl in the world, however, personally I know I am not.  I know from the way my clothes are fitting, from the way I avoid certain pants that the weight is creeping up.  I keep thinking I should go to the gym – stop with the excuses of stress and exhaustion and get my butt back in gear.  However I also know that with my upcoming surgery and the discomfort I currently feel, that I will allow these excuses to swallow me and keep me far away from the gym.  When I drive by Parkway Mall where my gym is located, I divert my eyes left so I don’t have to see the looming sign waiting to attack me!  I quickly push the key tag for the gym away from the rest of my keys.  I have debated about getting an iPod for weeks now since I lost my last one (or maybe someone stole it, or maybe its hidden in my room of treasures!) but I know if I get an iPod I have even less excuses to not work out because currently I say I need music, I am bored running/walking on the treadmill without music!

So whats a girl to do…

Well, I am trying to eat better, I have fruit everyday or almost everyday.  I buy food to cook, but I never do…it goes to waste which I hate because I hate wasted food. Yet that hate, the guilt doesn’t encourage me to come home and cook.  I worry if I don’t start soon – getting my butt into gear, that I will become what I was almost two years ago – a shell of myself.  Someone who no one liked very much.  Someone whom newbie probably wouldn’t find very appealing.  I think it’s time to get back to weight watchers.  I need to weigh in – see my damage – face my consequences.  Being overweight is a health issue.  Both emotionally and physically.  I know the gym is not reasonable for me – probably won’t be for another couple of months because of my upcoming surgery – but a walk, 15-20 minutes every day is not going to kill me and is not going to hurt me at all.  I am going to weigh in tomorrow at weight watchers.  I need a butt kick!  I am going to cook dinner tonight…I am not going to make excuses and I am going to get back to being me.  A me that my family, friends and newbie love.   I look forward to recording this obnoxious journey with you all!  🙂

XOXO Nikilee


Very rarely do you ever get two blogs in one day from me – I mean hello I do have to work sometime ya know! 

However I follow a woman’s blog who touched on this very important subject today and I believe that it is something that needs to be discussed and while  not THAT many people read my blog, I do think everyone that does should take time to talk about it with one other person and ask them to talk to one OTHER person about this topic.  Lets spread the word!

Bullying is something that affects children and youth everywhere across this country.  Now, I read the above blog who is from America and it is a disease running rampant down there as well.  Bullying has become the most tolerated form of abuse in the world.  Every school system talks about zero tolerance yet very few actually implement it because of other policies and trust issues (and rich parents breathing down people’s necks).  As a case worker with social services, I no longer see the everyday bullying, however I did two long student placements and have volunteered in schools for years where I saw bullying first hand and wondered how and when people decided that it was okay to torture each other for reasons unknown. 

As an aunt to three amazing kids I have seen bullying between them and I have also seen them stick up for each other when being bullied by outsiders.  My nephew was once suspended for threatening his younger sisters bully while the original bully was let off scott free.  Now I do NOT believe in eye for an eye at all – but really, where is the justice when my nieces bully roams the halls free after telling on my nephew??  I have never been so livid at a school before in my life! 

As a child I wasn’t bullied often, I spent a lot of time hanging out on the outskirts of the “popular” crowd through middle school.  The odd time I was bullied, it was more of a  threat than anything else and quickly ended because of other friends I had.  By the time I got to highschool, I never noticed it.  I guess I played dumb, because I am SURE it happened a lot at my school which was very multi-cultural and had more cliques than a queen-teen Disney movie!  I mixed in with numerous groups and was a fairly friendly person with the jocks, the AV kids, the drama club and numerous kids throughout every grade as I was also a mentor.  By the time I graduated highschool I was a confidant young woman ready to face the world…if only I knew the world could be so ugly. 

There is a new movie coming out called Bully. http://thebullyproject.com/  It looks into this disgusting world where children are bullied for numerous reasons and very little is ever done about it.  We need to wake up.  Children are dying, they are killing themselves to get away from their bullies.  To protect themselves where the school system, the parents, the ADULTS of this world fail time and time again.

Please do something, call your local school and find out about their tolerance policies and how you can support them, call your local MPP, mentor, volunteer, get involved!  Be a Big Brother/Sister so that youth who may be at risk have an adult support system around them.  I volunteer with the one-on-one mentoring program and I constantly talk to my mentee about kids in her class, any trouble she may have with them and if she does we have a conversation about it!  My nieces and nephew all know about bullying and when they bully each other – and I see it – they know to run…it is NOT and never will be tolerated in my home.  That rule will be enforced! 

Please see the following link to read more about bullying and what we can do to stop it http://findingravity.com/2012/04/12/findingravity-anti-bullying-link-up/ 





XOXO Nikilee

There is something to be said for a routine life!

Lately, since coming back from the DR, my life has become pretty routine.  I love it though.  I couldn’t ask for more.  There is very little drama that causes me to lose sleep and other than this stupid cold I’ve been fighting with all week – I am enjoying the small things in life.

Mondays: Monday morning at 6:10 am my alarm clock goes off playing some loud pop or hip hop song that I am just not ready for yet.  Roz and Mocha on Kiss 92.5 need to understand that to wake me up that early after a weekend of sleeping in, I require a calming song that I enjoy listening to so I don’t snooze the shit out of my clock.  However – I snooze  and then I snooze again and again until it’s around 6:50ish and I throw my covers off grumpy and take one look at my hair in my stand up mirror and think of all the girls who are lucky enough to have stick-straight hair or super curls…my wild birds nest of part straight, part wavy hair makes me wish it would become cool for chicks to shave their head!  After throwing on clothes I pray are clean and attempting to put the bird’s nest into a ponytail I vanish off to work – wait breakfast – ya it’s a Tims day!  I go see Kelly and Anna at my Tim Hortons and get my bagel or muffin with my medium tea.  Kelly and Anna know me by now because of my bright blue car and the fact I address them by name (clearly I go there way to often!).  I go to work, fiddle on the computer and critique resumes all morning and then rush off at lunch to visit my ten-year-old mentee.  She is the cutest kid and we do crafts, play games and read books throughout the lunch hour.  In the afternoon, I work and then either go home to crash or go visit newbie since HE has Monday’s off. Ya I am not bitter about that at all – lol – mmmm okay maybe I am!

Tuesdays I do the exact same as Monday except there is no mentoring at lunch 😦 and Newbie works so I go to therapy, drive around and then pick up Newbie once he is off.  We drive around, eat dinner and then I drop him home.  I rush home to watch Biggest Loser with my dad and around 9:45 I crawl miserably into bed because I am exhausted.  I throw on my tv so I can see who is voted off and what they look like now.  It is always so inspirational to see the reveal.  I love when they have kept the weight off and maybe even lost some more!  It’s always great and I always say – okay tomorrow I will be healthy and drink water and do well.

And then Wednesday morning comes and that damn alarm clock goes off at 6:10 and I just. have. no. energy.  However, Wednesdays are my favourite day because even though my day is routine, Wednesdays I pick up Ms. J from day care and bring her home to her daddy.  She is always so happy to see me!  She has the best smile and best laugh and I can’t help but be happy no matter what happened throughout the day.  After dropping her home and playing for a bit, I go pick up newbie from work, again driving around, eating dinner, kissing goodnight and then I come home.  Now every other Wednesday I am responsible for organizing my dads medications.  He takes approx 25 pills per day so this is very important and something I take very seriously.  With his eyesight I don’t trust him to do it, so I make sure I take care of it.  Again, I usually crash into bed, grateful that it is so comfortable.

Thursdays are an exact repeat of Wednesday because I get to see Ms. J except I don’t always see Newbie because he is off at the same time as me and I have to pick up Ms. J first.  Now Thursdays are great days also because Vampire Diaries is on.  I really would love to be part of a Salvatore sandwich and those of you who have no idea what I am saying, need to watch the show and if you are female – or gay – you will quickly understand!  Those boys make me believe in good and evil!

Fridays are my highlight!  Why you ask?  Cause of Newbie, duh!  It’s Friday, he can sleep over and we can actually spend time together!  It doesn’t matter if we go out or stay in, I am happy, I am at peace – and usually I am asleep!  I don’t sleep great during the week and having his arms around me makes sleeping a much more peaceful relaxing experience! 

Saturdays I drive Newbie to work, I go to weight watchers, I do grocery shopping, laundry, see friends, family appointments etc.  And usually I nap.  I mean if I pass out on poor Newbie every time I saw him, he’d be highly unimpressed with my girlfriend abilities I am sure!  LOL…I mean I may be older than him, but I’m not dead!  I like to get a lot done on Saturday afternoons because the day can drag and if I am busy then all is well and I soon get to see him again.   

Sundays me and Newbie go out for breakfast – Markham Station I love you.  Seriously your breakfasts are unbeatable.  If you have not been to Markham Station and you live anywhere near Scarborough, please drive down to Markham Rd and Sheppard Ave E and enjoy a full breakfast.  They are open 24 hours so if it’s three in the morning and you are driving by – stop in and eat!  YUMMM

After spending the day hanging out with Newbie, I drop him off and head home, ready to start my week all over again.  Now of course some things pop up (e.g Biker dudes passing through a wrench into my routine), but normally that is my life over the week – nothing extremely exciting, but it’s mine and I love it!  Now that the warmer weather is here I hope to actually get outside more, go for walks, watch some baseball games (I get to be a part of baseball season again and while some girlfriends cringe at this **Erin this means you** I relish it and missed it!) and hopefully soak up a lot of Vitamin D!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and I look forward to blogging again soon!

XOXO Nikilee