There is something to be said for a routine life!

Lately, since coming back from the DR, my life has become pretty routine.  I love it though.  I couldn’t ask for more.  There is very little drama that causes me to lose sleep and other than this stupid cold I’ve been fighting with all week – I am enjoying the small things in life.

Mondays: Monday morning at 6:10 am my alarm clock goes off playing some loud pop or hip hop song that I am just not ready for yet.  Roz and Mocha on Kiss 92.5 need to understand that to wake me up that early after a weekend of sleeping in, I require a calming song that I enjoy listening to so I don’t snooze the shit out of my clock.  However – I snooze  and then I snooze again and again until it’s around 6:50ish and I throw my covers off grumpy and take one look at my hair in my stand up mirror and think of all the girls who are lucky enough to have stick-straight hair or super curls…my wild birds nest of part straight, part wavy hair makes me wish it would become cool for chicks to shave their head!  After throwing on clothes I pray are clean and attempting to put the bird’s nest into a ponytail I vanish off to work – wait breakfast – ya it’s a Tims day!  I go see Kelly and Anna at my Tim Hortons and get my bagel or muffin with my medium tea.  Kelly and Anna know me by now because of my bright blue car and the fact I address them by name (clearly I go there way to often!).  I go to work, fiddle on the computer and critique resumes all morning and then rush off at lunch to visit my ten-year-old mentee.  She is the cutest kid and we do crafts, play games and read books throughout the lunch hour.  In the afternoon, I work and then either go home to crash or go visit newbie since HE has Monday’s off. Ya I am not bitter about that at all – lol – mmmm okay maybe I am!

Tuesdays I do the exact same as Monday except there is no mentoring at lunch 😦 and Newbie works so I go to therapy, drive around and then pick up Newbie once he is off.  We drive around, eat dinner and then I drop him home.  I rush home to watch Biggest Loser with my dad and around 9:45 I crawl miserably into bed because I am exhausted.  I throw on my tv so I can see who is voted off and what they look like now.  It is always so inspirational to see the reveal.  I love when they have kept the weight off and maybe even lost some more!  It’s always great and I always say – okay tomorrow I will be healthy and drink water and do well.

And then Wednesday morning comes and that damn alarm clock goes off at 6:10 and I just. have. no. energy.  However, Wednesdays are my favourite day because even though my day is routine, Wednesdays I pick up Ms. J from day care and bring her home to her daddy.  She is always so happy to see me!  She has the best smile and best laugh and I can’t help but be happy no matter what happened throughout the day.  After dropping her home and playing for a bit, I go pick up newbie from work, again driving around, eating dinner, kissing goodnight and then I come home.  Now every other Wednesday I am responsible for organizing my dads medications.  He takes approx 25 pills per day so this is very important and something I take very seriously.  With his eyesight I don’t trust him to do it, so I make sure I take care of it.  Again, I usually crash into bed, grateful that it is so comfortable.

Thursdays are an exact repeat of Wednesday because I get to see Ms. J except I don’t always see Newbie because he is off at the same time as me and I have to pick up Ms. J first.  Now Thursdays are great days also because Vampire Diaries is on.  I really would love to be part of a Salvatore sandwich and those of you who have no idea what I am saying, need to watch the show and if you are female – or gay – you will quickly understand!  Those boys make me believe in good and evil!

Fridays are my highlight!  Why you ask?  Cause of Newbie, duh!  It’s Friday, he can sleep over and we can actually spend time together!  It doesn’t matter if we go out or stay in, I am happy, I am at peace – and usually I am asleep!  I don’t sleep great during the week and having his arms around me makes sleeping a much more peaceful relaxing experience! 

Saturdays I drive Newbie to work, I go to weight watchers, I do grocery shopping, laundry, see friends, family appointments etc.  And usually I nap.  I mean if I pass out on poor Newbie every time I saw him, he’d be highly unimpressed with my girlfriend abilities I am sure!  LOL…I mean I may be older than him, but I’m not dead!  I like to get a lot done on Saturday afternoons because the day can drag and if I am busy then all is well and I soon get to see him again.   

Sundays me and Newbie go out for breakfast – Markham Station I love you.  Seriously your breakfasts are unbeatable.  If you have not been to Markham Station and you live anywhere near Scarborough, please drive down to Markham Rd and Sheppard Ave E and enjoy a full breakfast.  They are open 24 hours so if it’s three in the morning and you are driving by – stop in and eat!  YUMMM

After spending the day hanging out with Newbie, I drop him off and head home, ready to start my week all over again.  Now of course some things pop up (e.g Biker dudes passing through a wrench into my routine), but normally that is my life over the week – nothing extremely exciting, but it’s mine and I love it!  Now that the warmer weather is here I hope to actually get outside more, go for walks, watch some baseball games (I get to be a part of baseball season again and while some girlfriends cringe at this **Erin this means you** I relish it and missed it!) and hopefully soak up a lot of Vitamin D!

I hope you all have had a wonderful week and I look forward to blogging again soon!

XOXO Nikilee


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