I saw Titanic in 3D

Saturday night as planned I finally saw what I had been hoping to see for years (ever since I saw Avatar in theaters and was amazed at the quality 3D could bring to a movie that otherwise I wouldn’t have enjoyed).  I figured, if I could like Avatar in 3D when I didn’t actually enjoy the movie, then I would LOVE Titanic in 3D because I LOVED that movie.

Back in 1997 I was a high school student attending Cedarbrae Collegiate.  Across the street from my school Cedarbrae Cinemas was still open, but had movies for $2.00 because lets face it – the theater itself was crap and ghetto as all heck so they had to have cheap movies!  I went with some friends for the first time to see  a young Leo Dicaprio and Kate Winslet play out my favourite love story to date as Jack Dawson and Rose Dewitt Bukater.

I went on to see it 7 times in theater.  Yes I said 7 (seven).  I mean it was $2.00 and I had a few spares and lunches mixed together so I had 3+ hours to spare randomly throughout the week.  I bought it on VHS as soon as it came out and have probably watched it about 2-3 dozen times since then.  I almost always watch it when it’s on tv and when the studio announced it was coming out in 3D I KNEW I would be there!

What I love about Titanic:

The storyline – okay so it’s a total cliche.  Young rich woman hates her life and falls in love with the poor artist who ends up “saving her in every way a person can be saved”.  But Billy Zane (Cal) did such a good job of playing the dick head fiance that you just can’t help but love when Rose grows a backbone and decides she will stay with Jack and ditch Cal the moment the ship docks (Oh Rose if only you knew it wasn’t going to dock – you could have sex with Jack much sooner and at least gotten to do it two or three times!!). 

I am also well aware that this story is in essence about the sinking of the Titanic – a tragic part of history that hasn’t dared be repeated – I mean seriously…poor women and children left in the bottom of a sinking ship to die – makes me want to scream or spit in someones face – of right – Rose did that to Cal…nice job sweetheart!  I was proud of that one!

When Rose is being drawn by Jack – naked of course, because all 17 year-olds have that confidence level…didn’t you…my heart stopped the first time, imagining the embarrassment she must have felt…I mean anyone could have walked it – her mother, the butler, her fiance – right he was still in the picture!!!  It’s hard to remember these people are supposed to be teenagers…

At then end when Rose is holding onto Jack in the water, and he is dead – well come on the water was freezing – and their hair is frozen icicles, I actually shivered…there lips are purple, their skin is an off white/blue colour, you could see their breath – it looked brutal and my heart broke thinking of all the people who died in the water – 100 years ago.  Watching Rose let go of Jack, knowing this poor girl will probably be tortured the rest of her life, is sad…losing your first love is always hard – but he’s dead, it’s not like they grew apart…poor girl!!!

Titanic in 3D – so what was the difference?  Not much really.  I mean graphically it looked beautiful, the whole movie looked more bright, the colours and lines were clearer, the boat looked even more magnificent, the iceberg when it broke off into the ship was so real looking and the love-making scene – uh huh…it was good 😉 

It’s been a few months since I have seen this movie – watching itin 3D on the anniversary of the actual sinking was memorable and sad and even though this movie is very “Hollywood” I can’t help but be touched by the story of the sinking, the sadness that this glorious ship brought to so many people, families and friends of those who died in the water that night.  Of course, I cried.  I cry every single time.  I no longer sob like I used to, but I do cry, a few tears escape and every time they do I am sure I am the only one – but I know other people who do too, they just won’t ever admit it. 

Many of my friends and family (and Newbie) don’t understand my obsession with this movie, but I can’t help it – it touches me and it gets me everytime…maybe because it brings me back to the young girl who watched it in the ghetto theater by herself for $2.00 or maybe it’s the love story – we know I am a sucker for a great love story!

Go have a watch people.  I give it two thumbs up!

XOXO Nikilee


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