Sometimes I am amazed at how much can be done in a weekend

It’s only two days and one evening.  I mean I don’t get home till after 5 on Friday, yet every weekend, this one being no exception, I complete so much and tend to enjoy myself no matter what I am doing!!!

Friday started a new ritual which will continue throughout summer. I picked up Newbie, took him home to get his clothes and baseball stuff and then we went straight to baseball.  Newbie plays with the Wolfpack which is a rec league team but they are good – really good.  They won both games Friday night and getting to know this new team was great!  Newbies Sister-in-law was there as her hubby also plays for Wolfpack.  It’s always a good time catching up with the girlfriends and seeing old friends again. 

After baseball. Newbie, his dad and step-mom and me all went to Markham Station for dinner!  Of course we all ate breakfast because that is what you do at Markham Station!!  Home fries – I love you! 

Saturday was Biker Dude’s wake.  Newbie and I drove up to Bobcaygeon, spent some time with my mom, Aunt and the rest of our family and her friends and said goodbye to her husband.  It was a nice day and everyone whom my mom wanted there was there.  It is so gut-wrenching to see someone say goodbye to the person whom they love.  Spreading his ashes was a peaceful moment and I could tell that even though me and him were never close – his friends, family and wife will miss and love him dearly. 

Me, Mom, Brother, Sister-in-law and Aunt G

 We had to leave Bobcaygeon early because Chase (Newbies nephew) was celebrating his 2nd birthday!!!  Birthdays are so exciting!!  Especially when they are so young and they don’t fully comprehend whats going on, but are just so excited to have cake and get presents.  Of course since his mother insisted he needed socks – I bought him 39 pairs!  His favourite toy by far was the Little People’s School Bus – care of Newbie!  He loved it!  Getting to spend time with Chases mom and dad was great and seeing Newbies family is always a great thing.    For what started out a sad day – saying goodbye to family, turned into a lovely event – spending the evening with my chosen family – my friends! 

Chase playing with his new bus!!

Sunday I got busy!  I did laundry, groceries, cleaned my room, cleaned the bathroom, did dishes, took out the recycling, got gas for the car and a car wash since the Bobcaygeon bug population was decimated by my windshield and went to the dollar store for my mentee mothers day craft!  Oh ya and cause I wasn’t busy enough, I stopped by the bank and deposited a few cheques!  By the time Newbie came home from work, I was ready to sleep.  However we needed to eat, so after making dinner and lunch for today for us (and my dad), we played Cribbage with my new Cribbage board. 

Now, I played Crib years ago with my nana.  But that was YEARS ago.  Newbie re-taught me with my iPhone.  He is an awesome teacher, because our first game played together and I beat him!!  He wasn’t happy.  Men are such sore losers!  LOL…but I know he will win the next time we play cause he is actually MUCH more strategic than I am.  It just worked in my favour this game and I had a blast teasing him! 

Falling asleep last night was a peaceful experience, knowing I would wake up and only have two days of work this week – surgery is Wednesday – pray for me people please!!

I hope you are all having a lovely Monday!

XOXO Nikilee

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