So I received a few comments…

…by blog, Facebook, text and phone calls and I am keeping my blog the way it is.  I love me and I love the majority of you who actually take the time to read it so why would I change it and risk losing you for a few people who in the grand scheme of things have NO control or say over my life!  So feel free to hate, love or loathe me!  But you are getting me – all of me!  Take it or leave it!


And I really do take a pill for that – a chill pill or crazy pill as I like to call it…so here I go!

This weekend I have new furniture being delivered courtesy of the Brick (and my super generous father).  My gf NYC girl is moving into her own apt and had no furniture – well I was planning on buying new furniture anyway for when I move into the bsmt so I decided to give her all of my bedroom furniture.  I paid for the bed, dresser, end tables, mirror, lounge, mattress and box spring – and then the Brick called the other day to say it wouldn’t be delivered because they had no stock left.  HAHAHAHA is it April Fools Day and no one told me?? 

Needless to say I tore the ear off the poor CSR on the phone because I PAID for this furniture, was assured it was in stock and would be delivered June 2nd.  I kindly advised her if it wasn’t delivered on JUNE 2ND then I would go to the Brick, sleep there until it was.  We argued back and forth and finally she assured me at least the bed and mattress/box spring would be delivered.  SIGH.  Now of course when I call them today to confirm – I expect them to say “nope not in stock” and I will have to rip into another poor underpaid CSR, but seriously…if you pay for something shouldn’t they hold it for you and not sell it to the next person who walks in??  I hate the Brick – this has been the worst experience ever for me (I’ve always had amazing service from them before and from everywhere else I have ever bought something).

However the whole point of this story – was that I had a dream last night.  My two nieces and I went to the Brick for our sleepover and Newbie and his sister-in-law was there.  The five of us spent the night like Goldilocks, trying out different mattresses, couches, pillows and tv’s.  It was a blast.  I was having so much fun with the four of them I was sad when my alarm woke me up.  I was jumping on a mattress that was “to hard” and throwing pillows at Newbie who was playing Marco Polo with R, my oldest niece.  Yes I think a sleepover at the Brick is just what the Dr. ordered!!  Here I come!!

XOXO Nikilee

P.S Do you think the pizza delivery company will deliver there for us???

2 thoughts on “So I received a few comments…

  1. Aren’t those chill pills the greatest! When are you going to stop referring to him as “Newbie” and show us some updated pictures???

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