A Basement Apartment for me!

I am so fortunate to have great friends.  Two of those great friends are sushi boyfriend and his girlfriend D.  Why am I lucky to have these two people in my life?  Because not only did they come visit me when I had my surgery and brought flowers, but they helped clean out my gramma’s house AND they are building me a basement apartment in my dads house this summer so I can have my own space while still ensuring my dad is taken care of. 

I am so excited about this basement apartment.  I hadn’t planned on living at home forever, I mean when I moved back in with my dad after GBF and I broke up it was for a few months, to get my head on straight and save some money so I could move back out with a friend or alone – either way.  However after my dads heart attack, I knew I was where I needed to be and I knew I would stay.  After my nana’s passing I knew there would be some money coming and while I had NO idea how much that money would be at the time, I knew I wanted one thing from my dad – a place of my own. 

Currently I am using every spare closet in the house for my coats, clothes, shoes and purses.  I never know where anything is and I swear half the stuff I own gets no use because it’s in a box or back of a closet that I have yet to explore.  Our basement had severe water damage a few years ago and since then has been an unfinished basement used only for laundry and storage.  My brother and his family used to live down there – so I requested to my dad it be re-finished into a home for me.  All I needed was a bedroom, bathroom and closet – a walk in!  The kitchen could stay upstairs because if and when I cook, I do so for me and dad so I didn’t need my own.  It wasn’t a requirement.  A mini fridge for drinks would suffice.

Sushi bf and D came by last week to empty the full VAN load of garbage that was already in the bsmt including a couch, tent, mini fridge and freezer that were moldy and a huge box tv.  Tonight they come to do more!  I am so excited.  I have been assured by Sushi bf that it will be done by the end of July!

  Because I love before and after pics, I figured I would take some. 

Here is the current hallway looking into the old living room which will now be my bedroom

This is Matt, cleaning up the hallways – notice all the wood panelling!

This is the livingroom which will be my bedroom – love the fireplace! I can’t wait to warm up to it!

Notice the floors – ewwwww

This is more of the new bedroom – the floors are so gross right now and the walls are that popcorn material which I hate!

The next picture is the bathroom, currently a creamy yellow colour – yuck.  Only white crisp lines for me! 

And then there is my favourite room in the house!  My soon-to-be walk-in closet!  This used to be an office (or my nephews bedroom depending on what time period we are talking about). and it will be the perfect size to display my clothes, my SHOES, my jewelry and my bags.  I cannot wait for this room!

Can’t you just see rows of shoes and racks of clothes hanging here!!!

Well, give it two months and it should all be done!  Thank you daddy!  I have the best father a girl could ask for and the best friends anyone could have!  I will show the after pics once it’s all done.  The closet will be done first cause I am SO tired of living out of boxes!  Of course there will be a small spot for Newbie to keep some stuff too since he is over every weekend. 😉 XOXO Nikilee 


One thought on “A Basement Apartment for me!

  1. Believe it or not when your Mom and Dad had that basement professionally finished and your Dad’s office built, it was considered quite wonderful. But that was many, many moons ago and I’m sure your apartment will be awesome.

    Isn’t it time you stopped to referring to him as “Newbie”?

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