The Hunger Games, my bsmt, my mentee and more

It’s Monday!!!  Why am I excited?  I mean Mondays mean the start of a new work week – not seeing Newbie for 5 whole days, and waking up so early the birds feel my pain when I cuss at my radio (sorry Roz and Mocha I love you really I do).   However, Monday’s all year have meant seeing my mentee.  I am part of the one-on-one Mentoring program with the City of Toronto.  Once a week I give up my lunch break to visit my mentee at her school, have lunch with her and play games and do crafts.  She is in fourth grade and just the sweetest little kid.  She’s also Filipino and whenever she talks about her family it reminds me of Filipino boys family and I feel a great sense of comfort there.  Anyway today is our last day together until September.  We have our last lunch, and prepare for tomorrows end-of-year picnic @ Thompson Park.  So ya, Monday, today is great! 🙂

This weekend my bsmt got a huge overhaul by Sushi bf and D.  All the walls are pretty much gone and all the wood and panelling have been taken to the dump. 

See all that wood – gone!

I really do think that I will have my bsmt by the end of July and THAT makes me ecstatic!  I cannot wait to begin decorating and preparing the rooms to my individual touch (with D and Crazy Cat Lady’s help of course).  My colours for the majority of the bsmt are white, smokey grey and depending on the room it will be accented by other colours (purple in the bedroom, blue in the bathroom).  

I had a lot of alone time this weekend due to Newbies baseball and working all day Saturday (then napping Saturday night *shaking my head*) so I finished The Hunger Games.  Now I started this book back in the DR, but I got distracted so I stopped reading it.  Which is odd for me because I love to read while I am on vacation.  However, it didn’t work out cause I was having SO much fun with everyone that was there.  Fast-forward 4 months and on Friday I decided to pick it up and read it – I started over again cause I barely remembered anything.  I finished it just over 24 hours later.  I could not put it down, and with extra time on my hands I didn’t have to.  I love reading really good books over the course of a day or two.  It excites me when I get so excited about books!  I had Newbie take me to Chapters on Sunday after our usual Markham Station breakfast so I could buy the whole set and start reading book two  (I started this morning while sitz bathing at 6:30 in the morning…what else was there to do).

 Today, I also go to my surgeon and scream “I am NOT healing!  Heal me dammit!!!*  Okay maybe not quite, but I am SO annoyed, this is my fourth summer of being wounded and unable to heal, therefore not really enjoying my summer to the full extent.  I have a man I want to enjoy every minute of my day with and I cannot because of a stupid wound that won’t heal.  THIS SUCKS.  Okay, whining over…time to suck it up buttercup and go on…I am sure (as GBF says) that my Dr will have great news for me and I will be happy once again.  uh huh… Well have a great week all you bloggers et al.

 XOXO Nikilee


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