Kids are just so darned cute!

Since yesterday was Wednesday I went to pick up Ms. J from daycare and bring her home to her daddy.  I love babysitting Ms. J.  People think I am crazy because I don’t get paid.  But helping out friends, and hanging with little kids is something I love so I do it, accept it and move on!

Since it is so close to Fathers Day, Ms. J’s daycare is creating Fathers Day gifts for the kids to take home.  Ms J had a key chain and picture for her daddy yesterday so I spent the whole car ride explaining to her all about Fathers Day and how if daddy was home we would have to hide the present’s until Sunday so he wouldn’t see them.  She seemed very excited at the idea of hiding something!

When we got home, daddy was already there so I told him to close his eyes so Ms. J could hide her gifts for him.  He played along and we placed the gifts in a desk in the living room.  We chatted for a few moments and next thing we know Ms. J has the gifts out of the desk and waving them in front of his face saying “Happy Fathers Day”.  Some kids just can’t keep secrets – or surprises to themselves!  We both laughed, he thanked her and I went home with a smile on my face – which with Ms. J, isn’t hard.

I had dinner with a great friend last night.  N and I have been friends since ninth grade.  Over half my life!  We went to Swiss Chalet and caught up with each others lives.  It was so good, but seriously I was so stuffed I thought I would cry.  I need to learn to eat less and eat slower!  Good grief!  I am grateful for my friendships though so I’ll take the discomfort anyday!

Sushi bf and D were also at the house and the dry wall is up in my closet!  I AM SO HAPPY.  It’s coming along really well.  I will have pics soon.  They are coming back tonight to drywall the hallway!  WOOHOO!

Finally after the excitement of the evening I settled in to watch So You Think You Can Dance.  I am NOT a dancer (despite what Newbie may think) but I love dance.  Especially watching people who can dance well.  This is one of my favourite reality shows because it’s actually entertaining.  I don’t find the singing shows that great – any of the 100 that are out there, but dancing, gets me!  They are still in the audition stages right now and I like seeing the auditions because I can pick early favourites as well as pick people who I think will make the top 20!  Last night I was a bit disappointed though.  The very last kid to audition was a big boy (like heavy, not athletic or with a typical dancers body at all).  I am sure most people thought he would suck.  But he was G.O.O.D.  Like, really good.  He did things at his size that I could never have imagined him being able to do.  They praised the roof off him and then sent him to choreography.  I was disappointed.  He was great, they thought he was great – why not straight through to Vegas?  Because, he is fat and they doubted his ability to partner.  I have no doubt.  He probably wouldn’t make a great dance partner for many of the dances so I sucked it up and sighed and agreed that was an okay decision.  They sent him to choreography and they praised him again, how well he picked it up, how well he moved – all praise.  But they said “no thanks” at the end.  Are you kidding me?  Send him to Vegas!!!!  He might not make it anyway because yes some of the partnering work he’d have to do would be to difficult, OR tell him, he is too large to be on the show.  But don’t worship at his feet to say get lost five seconds later.  I was very disappointed with the show last night.  I think that’s a first!

At his size – could you do this???

I know I will still watch the show, but they had a set-back last night for me.  If they had just told him the truth.  I mean people who are overweight know they have the odds against them in the Entertainment industry.  Very few “fat” people are successful and they are RARELY ever as successful as “thin” people.  Unless they are comedians, but of course if you are fat – at least be funny.  I think I am ranting too much.  I will miss this boy from California, I hope he finds success and makes all of his dreams come true.  

Have a wonderful Thursday my fellow readers of blogs!

XOXO Nikilee

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