The Renovations are coming along!

Sushi bf and D have been working like crazy people to get my basement done.  The closet and hallway should be done in a couple of weeks!  They are the two smaller and easier places to complete and I really, really want my closet! 

I have included some pics to show you updates – all the drywall is up now and it’s plastered.  It’s soon to be paint time!  I picked out fifty shades of gray andwith their help narrowed it down to one colour.  The floor will be a dark wood lamanate!  YAY! 

New coat closet!

The hallways is all ready to go

Sushi bf working hard

D working hard – she is AMAZING

This is where the magic is going to happen – the clothes, shoes and handbag magic!

XOXO Nikilee 


4 thoughts on “The Renovations are coming along!

    • Thanks so much!! I will continue to update as the work is done! I was wondering something…I am trying to connect to your blog, but it’s saying there is a network error. Can you u send me the link!


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