I dream a dream of time gone by

Okay maybe not time gone by, but I love Les Miserables, so I’m using this as my title today! 

I have dreams, we all do, but my dreams range from the outrageous to the fanatical.  Sometimes they seem so real I wake up and cry because I wanted to keep going (or breathe a sigh of relief because I was terrified).  I always have had strange dreams, but since turning 30, they are much more vivid, memorable.  Sometimes I will tell my friends these dreams and they will shake their head and say “oh Niki”.  Ya, even my closest friends think I am nuts sometimes.  If they only knew the truth…

I don’t usually blog about these dreams because they aren’t interesting to anyone but me, but last night, I had a dream that I can’t stop thinking about.  A dream that seemed so real, I was actually shocked when I woke up and realized I was dreaming!

Yesterday as most of you know was Prince William’s 30th birthday.  It was all over the news, all over the gossip columns, so I heard a lot about him yesterday.

This was my dream: I’m in a room of what seems like a castle, or at the very least a mansion.  I am with two girls I work with. I am looking around, admiring the architecture and chatting with my two lady friends.  I am there for a birthday dinner for Prince William.  He is in Toronto, and a handful of people not in his social circle (clearly I am not) were invited.  We are all very excited to meet the Prince and his beautiful wife.  We get our table numbers, and ours is some insane number that means we won’t even see the Prince, let alone meet him.  We are disappointed, but we walk over to the dinning room to take our seats.  My table has been double booked by one number.  The wait staff and security feel awful about this. 

All of a sudden I turn around and William and Kate are hanging out nearby hearing the trouble and Kate says “my sister can’t make it, so she can sit with us” – and she points to me!  I go up and hug her and thank her for her kindness!  The three of us walk over to the massive table that is for William, Kate and their closest friends and sit down beside Kate. (She is wearing a beautiful red dress and I am wearing a really pretty cream colour dress)  The three of us talk and they ask me questions about my family, friends, work etc.  I talk to them about their jobs, charity work and before I know it dinner is over and the three of us have become really close – to the point where they haven’t even really talked to anyone else.  Supposedly there is an after party at a Karaoke bar (ya who knew, in my dream, William loves Karaoke).  I am invited to come along.

We go to the bar and of course Will and Kate run into people they have to talk to, so I go over to get a drink (I don’t really drink so I found this odd – ya of all things, my drinking seemed the odd thing!) and a few of my high school friends are there that I haven’t seen since high school!  We all talk and laugh and dance and then Will and Kate get up to sing Garth Brooks and they dedicate the song to me!!!  I run up and we all three sing together and our pictures are being taken like crazy.  We decide to leave the bar cause there are way to many people now, so we take a walk through what seems like a large garden area I would assume is at Buckingham Palace, but we are not in England, we are in Toronto so I have no idea where we are.

We walk, all three of us hand in hand, laughing and talking like we have been bff’s forever.  They tell me they have to leave in the morning to have tea with the Queen and we all exchange emails and phone numbers and they tell me they want me to come visit them on my week off in the summer and they’ll make all the arrangements.  Of course I agree and tell them I will see them soon!

We hug goodbye and they send a car to take me home. 

It was the best dream ever.  LOL…It kinda makes me sad thinking of it now…which I know is really dumb since it was a very UNREALISTIC dream, but it was sweet. 

Thank God it’s Friday!  I need to shake out of my work slump and enjoy some time with friends and Newbie.

XOXO Nikilee (the new bff of Will and Kate)

One thought on “I dream a dream of time gone by

  1. V-e-r-y interesting. Was the Garth Brooks songs Kate and William were singing called “Friends in Low Places”? Crazy dreams are fun when you can remember them.

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