Why I’ll never be a contractor

“Ring Ring”

Me: hello

Floor Guy: Hi Nikilee, I’ll be coming by later with floor samples, what kind of floor do you want me to bring

Me: Brown wood

FG: Brown wood?  Dark, light, wood or laminate?

Me: uhhhh dark and laminate I guess??!!

FG: Are you asking me?

Me: Listen, I like dark wood and I’m cheap, so no real wood, just the kind that goes click clack, click clack

FG: are you quacking??

Me: No I’m snapping wood together…you don’t like my sound effects

FG: I think you’re crazy

Me: I’ve been told that before.  OH my contractor said it has to be minimum 12 cm

FG: 12mm

Me: are you sure??

FG: measure 12 cm with your fingers – is that how thick you want your floor??

Me: *pausing to measure*  okay ya I am pretty sure he said 12 mm.

FG: I’ll come by soon with samples, please make sure your contractor is there!

Me: You’re the boss, boss! 

FG: First rule of doing a renovation Nikilee – you are the boss!

Me: Really, so why does my contractor need to be there? I’m the boss!

FG: I’m glad we are friends…I won’t take advantage of your foolishness.  Have the contractor there – trust me.

Me: sigh, okay fine 😦

I know I am a girl, and I have never done anything like this before, but lately, I have felt incredibly stupid…lol

XOXO Nikilee

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