Ryann is my oldest niece who was born December 11th 1998.  She is a teenager and full of all her teenage angst that most teen girls are filled with! 

She graduated Grade 8 last week and I couldn’t be more proud.  Ryann was the first girl born to my entire family since the day I was born – which was almost a full 18 years in between.  I was so happy a girl was brought into my life that we developed an instant bond.  I think I have more pictures of her an I together than any of the other kids just because I was so excited to have that little girl!  She was an adorable child.  Pudgy in all the right places and sweet, kind and loving.

She has changed a lot in her 13 years.  She is taller than I expected her to be (considering her mom barely passes 5’1) and way more self-assured then I ever was.  She doesn’t have ANY desire to “fit in”.  She does her thing and she does it well.  In fact, she got the “most improved student” award at her graduation!  Out of all the grade 8’s SHE won the award!  Oh I couldn’t possibly love her any more than I do. 

Ryann starts high school in September and I worry for her.  She is so “quiet and alone” in her own little world that I fear the bigger kids and the high school pressures will eat her alive, but I know that she is strong, that she will be her own person, cliques be damned!  I wonder often what her future holds, what she will be when she grows up.  It will probably have something to do with science or history.  She loves science and loves dinosaurs and such so time will tell!

Here is her Grade 8 photo…my little girl, my princess is no longer that…she is now a young woman and THAT is fantastic!:

Ryann – Grade 8 grad night

XOXO Nikilee


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