Basement Reno’s update

Good morning all my fellow bloggers and friends who read my blog!  I have decided to update you because a lot has been done since my last update!  Being the wonderful boss that I am, I gave Sushi bf and D the long weekend off.  Aren’t I nice…LOL…ya right, I am no boss.  They tell me when they can work and then they work.  As long as my closet gets done ASAP I am in no real hurry for the rest of it.  LOL.  They came back last night and got the closet mostly done and ready for the built in’s.  I am SUPER duper excited!  This project is making me happier and happier.  Here are some recent pics in no particular order:

XOXO Nikilee

Checking for mold in old bathroom – all clear!!!

Opened up the bathroom to make a large extension

My new walk in closet – with floors and walls all done!

New Coat closet

Dawn doing all the work – where is Matt? See the “thumbs up” in a picture above

In the hall, the walls are up and plastered – new pot lights are lit!

My wall colour paint for closet


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