Ted…as in “ted”dy Bear

I have dragged Newbie kicking and screaming to some pretty girly movies when we first started dating and he never once complained or whined – for to long – about having to see something he’d rather be caught dead then seeing.  So when we saw previews for Ted, about a talking bear, I thought it looked cute – but really, really stupid. 

However, I knew Newbie would be wanting to see this movie, so when we talked about seeing a movie, I suggested Ted and we invited along his dad and Step-Mom since they too had been talking about seeing it (Newbie and his dad happen to be two peas in one pod).  We all decided to make an evening of it and started off at East Side Marios! 

After getting our tickets to the movie, we had some time to kill so stood around chatting.  His dad and Step-mom are hilarious and we all had a lot of fun that night.  Ted was the perfect movie to see in our group of four.  It was funny, stupid, sad and had a teeny tiny bit of action + some romance so it was all good for everyone! 

Let me tell you, I have never seen Mark Whalberg (who plays the main character along with Mila Kunis) like this before.  He plays a loner from Boston who works at a car rental place and his best friend is a teddy bear who magically came to life when he was a little boy and wished it to come true on Christmas. 

When Kunis’s character who is dating Whalberg tells him its either her or the bear (after she walks in on Ted with some prostitutes who have taken a shit on the floor) he chooses her – but not really because he still see’s Ted every day and leaves work early to visit Ted and get high.  Obviously Kunis dumps Whalberg and he blames Ted – who tries to convince Kunis to take his bff back!  There is a lot of drugs in this movie – which is odd because  you know it’s a Teddy bear getting high, a bit creepy. 

I won’t tell you how it ends, just that it is a must-see, but possibly on DVD if you don’t feel like spending the $10.50 + to see it in theaters. 

XOXO Nikilee


One thought on “Ted…as in “ted”dy Bear

  1. Haven’t seen Ted but think it would be a hoot. Saw Magic Mike last week – round up some girls and go!!!!!!!

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