Remember when telephones were to talk to someone

Sometime while I was living in Peterborough completing my B.A a strange thing happened.  Cell phones were used for texting – not talking.  It was like I had left the planet and not the city because upon my return everyone had a cell phone and no one used it to talk. 

This was in 2004.  Not that long ago in retrospect, however in the 8 years since, even I have succumbed to the use of the phone for something other than talking.  Now my friends know I am not a texter,  I will text because I know they HATE talking on the phone, but I prefer to talk, to hear someones voice, to be able to tell when they are joking, happy, sad, angry and other emotions better heard then described by an emoticon 😉

Filipino boy bought me first cell phone, a Fido pay as you go – back in 99 – and I thought I was so cool to be able to talk to people during the day, while at school, out at the park etc.  I don’t even think it had text messaging or if it did, I certainly didn’t know how to use it.  When I left for Peterborough I cancelled the phone and used the home phone service.  When I returned from Trent, I felt no need to have a cell, my dad had a home phone, so I didn’t use one for a long time.  Then GBF convinced me to get a phone.  I bought the hot pink Razr which was the flip phone and the coolest phone out for the longest time.  It had predictive text and I sucked at messaging so rarely did I do it.  After that phone bit the dust I upgraded to a black berry.  I had finally evolved into a full-blown texter.  I mean it had a full key board!  I could easily text.  However, once I started texting regularly I started to notice my nights were full of little side convo’s that had no meaning behind them.  My relationships seemed to have very little meaning over text because really telling someone who hurts you or someone who loves you how you feel just doesn’t have the same meaning.  I have now upgraded to an iPhone 4s and while I do love it – see that Newbie I DO love it – I am starting to hate text messaging even more because it’s touch screen and a bit more difficult. 

Everyone from Newbie to Crazy Cat Lady prefers text to talk and I think my only real friends that will call me instead of texting is NYU girl and GBF because they too prefer talking to text and at least as far as GBF is concerned, he knows I hate texting. 

I remember in 7th and 8th grade lying in bed late at night trying to be super quiet so my parents wouldn’t hear me talking on the phone past curfew, talking for hours to one girl friend or one guy friend and then when three-way calling came into play I knew my world had changed for the better.  I am a talker – duh – I love talking, I love hearing what people are thinking and asking questions without having to wait 1, 2, 10 minutes for a response.  All through high school I would spend the majority of my nights on the phone – no wonder my grades weren’t the best!

I understand why my friends like texting, we are all so busy with a million things to do every day that texting provides an ease of communicating with those we love without having to set aside time or something else in order to do so.

I have a feeling that with more young kids having cell phones that texting is not going ANYWHERE anytime soon.  I might as well get used to it.  People always seemed surprised when I call.  Thank God my mom still talks on the phone and not over text.  She doesn’t know how to text!  I am SOOOOOO not teaching her!

XOXO Nikilee


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