The Violence will never end…will it?

Last night in Scarborough – right behind my brother’s family’s home and filipino boys family’s home – a “get to know your neighbour” block party was happening.  Why a party on a Monday night when many people have to work the next day is beyond me, but somehow the party, which should have been seen as sweet and a great way to bring a sense of community to the street, turned sour.  Shots rang out and 19 people were shot and injured while 2 people are dead – one was a teenage girl. 

Now I have reached my family – not filipino boys yet, but I saw on Facebook they are okay – who live off the street where the shooting occurred, and everyone is alright.  Thank you God.  But many families, will be changed forever.  Because of a “get to know your neighbour” party. 

Chief Bill Blair has named this the worst case of gun violence the city has ever seen.  EVER SEEN…1 minute from my family’s front door!  My heart hurts.  The shooting happened at 10:30 pm.  I mean it wasn’t even that late in comparison to when the shootings happen downtown and in the more “violence prone neighbourhoods”.  My nephew who is 15 could easily have been walking home from his friend’s house.  My brother could have been out having a cigarette!  Filipino boy could have been coming home from work…driving by…I know, none of this happened so stop thinking of the could haves.  But it is very hard not to. 

I know violence could and does happen everywhere.  I know that.  But it didn’t happen last night everywhere, it happened by people I love.  People I would not survive losing. 

Mayor Ford and I finally have a similar stand on something – we are both disgusted in this level of violence that has happened in OUR city.  Who’d have thought me and the Mayor would ever agree on anything…well we do.  Now I want to see what HE, our MAYOR is going to do about it.  I wish my family would move, but it’s never that easy.  Police are appealing to anyone that has information to come forward.  I beg everyone – anyone who knows anyone in the area, please contact your loved ones…make sure they are okay.  If they know anything, please come forward. 

This violence has to end…it just keeps getting worse.  Whose going to put a stop to it?

XOXO Nikilee


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