TGIF – before my vacation begins!!!

I have had a long week, I have been miserable and grouchy and wanting to just have some time away from work.  Not that I don’t love my job, because my job is great!  My career is the one steady thing I have in my life – that I am sure of and confidant in…but every once in a while a girl needs some time to not be in the same environment day after day.

Since my surgery in May I have been stressed and tired and unhappy.  However, as Kansas City said to me “a miracle will happen in your life this week*, it has.  My wound has healed over – for the first time in THREE years!  Now it is fresh and new skin so I am still very weary of it opening again.  BUT I will be grateful for the idea that maybe this time something different has happened.  I thank you God for that!  And I thank Kansas for letting me know a miracle was coming. 

Now since Newbie is stuck working like a million days in a row, I doubt I will see him at all over my vacation time so I am heading up North to Bobcaygeon for a couple of days.  I will go Monday night after home care and come home Wednesday night before home care!  This way I get to spend almost two full days with my mom and aunt.  It will be great! 

My uncle is going to take us three ladies on the boat to a nearby town for lunch and I love LOVE boat rides!  I will miss my bed because I will sleep on a couch (I can’t sleep up stairs alone. Her house used to be the place 100 years ago where they kept dead bodies and it C.R.E.E.P.S me out!)  So I’ll sleep in the main room on her couch.  I did that when Biker dude passed away and it was fine.

I will go into town, take my mom to lunch on the Wednesday and of course shop at Bigleys Shoes – I mean really – did you expect something less from me?? 

I am also getting my car detailed.  I mean it’s dirty – not just untidy, but downright dirty!  Between me, Newbie and Ms. J that car needs some TLC and I have no problem paying someone to give it some. 

Other than those lovely activities I plan on attending Ribfest in Scarborough next weekend and relaxing.  Preparing to move into my basement which should be done the first or second week of August!  I AM SO EXCITED!

Because I am on vacation, I may or may not get a chance to blog.  I will try.  I mean, I love the writing and I love seeing high stats…lol…BUT if I don’t, please have a safe and happy week and enjoy your long weekends for those of you who have one (my reader ship has made it’s way around the world) – and that is pretty damn cool!!!!

XOXO Nikilee

2 thoughts on “TGIF – before my vacation begins!!!

  1. Have a wonderful week of R & R. The best news is that your wound is finally healing. Will keep my fingers crossed that it continues to do so.

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