It’s the last Friday of Summer (well not technically)

I mean I am well aware that summer lasts well into September, but for me, I always felt like summer ended the labor Day weekend because then all the kids go back to school, the roads become busy again, the temperature dips lower in the mornings and apple season begins!

So for me, this is the last Friday of Summer.¬† ūüė¶

This summer hasn’t exactly been what I expected – I have had some good days and some not so good days…overall though I give this summer a solid B-.¬† Here are my top TEN moments of the summer of 2012!

1. I got out of debt!¬† This is awesome!¬† I was¬†¬† so happy to finally have $40,000 worth of student loans, credit cards and car payments paid off. It’s a great feeling and I am doing my best to ensure I don’t end up back where I started.¬†

2. My basement apartment is complete and I have moved downstairs and I am truly loving every minute (although last night there was a cricket in my hallway and I had to kill it and I was freaked out cause crickets are creepy jumpers)

3. I got to watch my niece play baseball and the Blue Jays play baseball and my friends on the Wolf Pack and Phillies play baseball РI love baseball, professional or not!  So it was a good summer for ball!

4. I got to see my mom for a few days.¬† Slowly we are getting closer.¬† We haven’t been close for years, but it was nice spending a few days with her and my aunt.¬† I hope we can continue to build our relationship over the fall and winter.

5. I started off the summer dating Newbie, he is an amazing man, someone whom I truly love and had great expectations for – however, unfortunately, timing didn’t work out and we are no longer together, so that dampened¬†the end¬†of my summer and I miss him every day, but I know we will both be better off apart right now.¬†

6. My wound from my surgery healed!  Hallelujah!  I am having some troubles with the area around my wound, but at least the wound itself is healed!  It feels like a miracle, but Kansas City told me to expect a miracle in my life. 

7. I had some great NK nights, relaxing, chilling, watching Dexter, playing with GB.  In fact my friends proved once again how amazing they are by rallying around me and keeping me busy.

8. Sushi BF and D have truly become people I love dearly, and I support their relationship and my friendship with them both 100%.

9. The weather has been insane Рin a good way for the most part!  I love heat, the hotter the better РI hope it lasts well into September and even October. 

10. I got back to blogging – which really, is the reason you are all reading this.¬† I have read some great blogs from fellow bloggers and I am looking forward to a whole new season of blogging.¬† I will be MIA for a few days, but I’ll be back next week!

Have a great long weekend for my followers who have one, and those of you who don’t, well enjoy your weekends anyway!

XOXO Nikilee

SYTYCD – who should win, who will win

Reality shows like American Idol, Canada/Americas Got Talent and So You Think You Can Dance are all based on two things…a little bit of talent and a great favor with the public!¬† If the best (singer, dancer, talent) won, the shows would be very different.¬† It’s never about the BEST person, it’s about the FAVOURITE person who really strikes a chord with the audience.¬† Now sometimes, I agree the best person has won (e.g. Carrie Underwood from AI), but sometimes the most likable person has won (Joshua Allen from SYTYCD).¬† Today I am going to talk with you about the current season of SYTYCD.¬† I will explain who I think should win based on talent and who I think will win based on fans!


GIRLS: Eliana Girard from Florida: the beautiful ballerina.  She has charisma, talent and has exceeded my expectations every week.  She is strong and has had some great numbers choreographed for her.  Out of the final three ladies, I believe she has the MOST talent and is the most versatile.

GUYS: Chehon Wespi-Tschopp from Switzerland.¬† This man is not only a gorgeous dancer, but incredibly relatable to the audience.¬† However he has ended up in the bottom three a few times.¬† I don’t understand it because when I watch this man dance, I smile, I cry and I am touched by something that I may never understand not being a dancer myself.¬† His expertise is also ballet like Eliana.¬†


GIRLS: Tiffany Maher, sweet 19-year-old from Florida who is so tiny she sometimes seems to get lost on the dance floor with male partners much larger then she is.  However she is also cute and bubbly and had an amazing dance last night with her All-Star partner Ade.  Because of her sweet personality, I have a feeling that she will probably take home the winning flowers and money. 

GUYS: Cyrus Spencer from Atlanta GA.¬† I knew from the moment he auditioned that if he made it on the show he had a great chance of taking the whole thing.¬† He is the only contestant left on the show out of the guys and girls who has not been in the bottom, who has not had to dance for his life.¬† He is so adorable and so talented in his field (animation popping) that he does “deserve” to win, but he is not the best dancer by far.¬† In fact I would beg to say that both males left (Chehon and Cole) are more diverse than Cyrus, but they don’t have the same fan base.¬† They don’t stand out the way Cyrus does and that’s why I think he has the best chance to take it all home!

Whoever does win, no one can say that this wasn’t a talented season.¬† It had great dancers (Brandon Mitchell) and interesting characters (Amelia Lowe), but in the end, it will come down to Tiffany and Cyrus, I am almost certain.¬† We will see how things go – two weeks from now!

XOXO Nikilee

How much money would it take for me to retire??

On Virgin radio this morning, Mad Dog and Maura were talking about how much money it would take for them to retire.  They were talking 2-5 million to get them to quit their jobs and live off the interest earned on that amount of money.  I have never felt bad for thinking certain things, but as soon as they asked how much it would take for me to retire, I immediately said out loud Рminimum 10 mil!  When M and M said 2-5 I felt like maybe I was selfish, or foolish or both??  But then I got to thinking why I required 10 million and here is what I came up with:

1. I would buy my mother a nice little one bedroom condo – cash – so she wouldn’t have to worry about ever paying rent or a mortgage again and then I would give her $100,000 to live off of. (approx $500,000 total)

2. I would take me and all my girlfriends on a one week all inc. vacation to the Bahama’s. (approx 20,000)

3. I would donate 1 million to a charity supporting under privileged youth (1 million)

4. I would give my sister-in-law and her family $1 million. (1 million)

5. I would get my dad a cook/maid, to make all of his meals the way he wants to ensure he is eating 3 proper meals a day (approx 60,000/yr)

6. I would set up bank accounts for my three nieces and nephew with 100,000 each so when they are 25 they can buy a home of their own or blow it all on video games and bubble gum (300,000 total)

7. I would invest 2 million to live off the interest (2 million)

8. I would build my dream home and have my father move in with me – hence the cook would actually be cooking for me too – hahahaha (approx 1 million)

9. I would buy GBF a new car Рbrand new Рcause wow that boy has car trouble (approx 60,000)

10. I would buy Sushi bf  and D a dream vacation as well cause they have been SOOOOOO good to me the past few months! (approx 30,000)

I don’t know what else I would do – lots of things I am sure, give to more charities, adopt some babies, travel extensively etc etc.¬† But so far that totals $5, 970,000.¬† Thats a lot of money and I haven’t even thought of the clothes and shoes I would buy – cause lets face it I would, also the personal trainer I would hire to get my ass in shape and the wedding I would plan with someone who gets really lucky to have me as their loyal wife!!!

So what money amount would it take for you to retire?

XOXO Nikilee

What I have learned in 200 posts

200 – that’s how many blogs I have written.¬† This is 201.¬† So here are five things I have learned in the almost 2 years I have been a bona fide blogger with wordpress:

1. You will not be popular right away – or ever necessarily.

Granted when I first started blogging I had a few hopes that my blogs would be so witty and awesome that¬†I would immediately have 100+ readers.¬† Well I have not even gotten close.¬† LOL…I have on average about 30-40 readers (or visitors) on days when I blog.¬† I think this is mainly due to me reading people’s¬†blogs and me commenting on other blogs.¬† You know – you follow them, they follow you kinda thing!¬† I have some great blogs that I follow and I know at least one or two of them follow me back, it’s cool.¬† Never expected that kinda of relationship building on WordPress, but it’s true!¬† So even though I don’t have my 100+ readers, I love my 30+ readers and maybe by the time I hit my 400 post I will be able to double my readership

2. Some people love it, some people don’t:

I have talked quite openly about the people who read my blog who don’t like me and I have no idea why they continue to read – hoping for a train wreck I assume, but for the most part, they don’t comment and they don’t trash me on my blog, so I will leave them be.¬† Now that me and Newbie are no longer together ūüė¶¬† at least one of them should stop reading thank God!

However, people in my life know that if they spend time with me, they risk being talked about.¬† A lot of people are cool with this, as long I don’t mention names, put up private pics etc, but some people prefer I don’t talk about them directly.¬† I understand this because some people have private lives they don’t wish to be shared with the world – remember all the countries I listed where I have been viewed from – ya the WORLD!¬† However, I do make mention of things that happen to me, I am an open book, I just try to keep the gossip level to a minimum.

3. I won’t be that interesting everyday:

I originally wanted to blog every weekday and have fun, charming things to say.¬† Well I am not a Kardashian so my life is NOT that exciting.¬† I have had to pick and choose days to talk on my blog because some days – some weeks – I have nothing cleaver to say and I don’t feel like wasting my reader’s time by writing random stuff that has no meaning to me or them.¬†

I have accepted this – hence why I am only at 200 blogs.

4. I feel a little¬†A.D.H.D when it comes to my “theme”

As in the background of my blog.¬† I changed it every couple of months and I can’t stick to one.¬† One day, someone will come out with a theme I enjoy and I will keep it – I hope, but for now…it’s change change change!¬† I have read a few ways to create my own theme, but somehow I am struggling, I don’t know if it’s my computer or what, but I dislike my themes and I need a new one – stay tuned!

5. I really enjoy blogging

I know this seems like a “duh” moment, I mean why create a blog if you don’t like blogging, but in all honesty I wasn’t sure if I would.¬† I was going through a lot in my life when I started the blog, and it was more therapy for me than anything else, but it has turned into something more…something much more!¬† It is now more of a living manuscript of my life for my friends, family and any future children I may have.¬† I love it!¬† I appreciate it!¬† I respect it!¬†

So thank you to my readers for sticking by me through 200 blogs…I hope to still be a part of your life 200 more blogs from now.¬†

Have a great Monday!

XOXO Nikilee

It’s Friiiiiiidaaaaaaay

Oh ya baby *fist pump* time to party like it’s 1999 – wait I was 18 then and had way more energy.

It’s Friday, thank goodness *claps hands* I think I am going to stay in, stay cool and watch The Closer season 1 on DVD thanks to Crazy Cat Lady I have a bit of an obsession.

That sounds better…

I wanted to let you all know I took a shower in my brand new shower last night (had been showering upstairs) and it is the BEST SHOWER EVER.¬† First off it’s huge.¬† Secondly there is so much light I can see all my 2000 parts with no trouble.¬† I can’t wait to take my first bath on Sunday!

My other plans for the weekend include CNE¬†with Ms J and her dad and then dinner with Sushi bf and D.¬† I really miss those two since they have finished my bsmt.¬† It will be nice to see them.¬† I think if they get married I should be Sushi bf’s Best Lady.¬† I’ll even wear a cute suit with flair!¬† Ya I can see it now!¬† I told him this early and he agreed that it would be great!¬† WOOT WOOT!

Have a fist pumping, or hand clapping weekend…see you all on Monday where I brag some more about my bathtub – wish I could take pics (but you know I’ll be naked and that’s not appropriate).¬†

XOXO Nikilee

To the men in the Green Dodge

Wow, I have seen some bad drivers in my lifetime…a lot.¬† I have probably even been a bad driver once or twice (running the red was one of them – but that was an accident), but this morning, I saw the winner of Canada’s worse driver – or the should be winner.

I was driving up the Tim Horton’s drive thru when I noticed this green dodge truck in front of me.¬† I noticed no one was in front of him, but he wasn’t moving, so I thought “hmmm maybe he’s stuck or something” so I went to drive around and then he started moving…sigh.

He then drove up on the curb in the parking lot.¬† Then I noticed the cell phone sticking out of his hand attached to his damn head.¬† He drove very jumpy and had to slam his breaks a few times to avoid¬†hitting the person in front of him.¬† Then he finally made his order and pulled up to the window, paid, got his order and sat there for a full thirty seconds before the Tim’s lady asked him to move so I could pull up and get my order.¬† He looked in the rearview mirror and finally drove off.

I got my order, Anna (Tim’s lady) apologized for the wait and I drove towards the highway.¬† Well, wouldn’t you know it – Green Dodge was in front of me AGAIN!

He still was talking on his cell phone – hello I am pretty sure it’s illegal to talk on your cell while driving – where is a damn cop when I need one!!!!

We both got on the hwy and he was going about 40-50 km an hour…the speed limit – 100km.¬† Nikilee is not happy at this point so I went to go into another lane and HE got in the same lane – how??¬† By cutting me off.¬†

He finally pulled into the farthest lane and sped ahead.

Needless to say, this encounter¬†has paced my morning to be a frustrating one…

XOXO Nikilee

How’s that even possible??

I was in Ricki’s a couple of months ago when I saw a beautiful black and white polka dot dress that I never in a million years would have thought to buy, but the sales lady insisted!¬† So I tried it on and I actually loved it.¬† It fit like it was made for me.¬† It has a side zipper and a little belt and it wasn’t to expensive so I bought it!

Fast forward two months…

Crazy Cat lady came to my house last night to do what she does best – organize and decorate!¬† My closet is the closet where dreams are born!¬† LOL…it is beautiful and now, thanks to CCL it’s so organized I can find all my clothes.¬†

That’s the main half of the closet…aren’t the shoes pretty

I decided this morning I was going to wear said dress since I hadn’t yet.¬† I put it on and went to zip it up, and I couldn’t.¬† Not that I had gained weight and it wouldn’t go up – cause there was lots of slack, but because it’s a side zipper I couldn’t maneuver the dress enough to get it up.¬† I wanted to wear this dress so badly!

So I threw on a cardigan and cute flats and went to work Рdress half-unzipped, knowing someone at work would do it up for me (I love simple solutions)! 

I walked in, and one of my favourite mom co-workers was there at the door – SUCCESS!¬† She zipped it up and now I am all snug and comfy in said dress.¬† I don’t fully understand how I got the zipper up in the store – cause I struggled for a good five minutes this morning unable to reach success.¬† huh…who knows…my question now is…will I be able to unzip it tonight???

And this my friends is where roommates or a live-in-boyfriend come in handy. 

XOXO Nikilee

it’s finished!

From the laundry room looking into my bedroom

I had to have my NYC pic up!!

Front of my shower

So after a long summer of seeing Sushi BF and his gf D almost every day, I finally have a basement apartment made just for me!  It is totally my taste, classy, modern, sleek!  OH I LOVE IT!

More pics to come, but here are some for you. 

This is my new lounge chair – I am buying a tall lamp for behind it so I can read.

Sushi BF and D – the two best!!

Image from by bed – into my bathroom


Back of my new bathtub…cannot wait to take a hot bath!!

    XOXO Nikilee