50 Years and going stronger than ever

My Aunt S and Uncle E celebrate 50 years of marriage this week.  Now not even being near 50 years of age, I can’t imagine 50 years of marriage, but knowing these two people my whole life has made it seem like a pretty impressive concept.

Not that they haven’t had their challenges, their ups and downs.  I am sure they have.  However they have that something special that has made them survive where many of their friends and families have failed.  What is it exactly?  I am not sure.  I don’t even know if they know what it is.  However knowing them the way I do, I have some ideas:

1. They love each other:

  Now of course, this seems simple enough.  I mean, duh, who doesn’t?  And you’re right, love is an easy answer, but loving someone married to you and actually liking them are two VERY different things.  I genuinely think they like each other.  They are friends as well as lovers.  I think even if they weren’t married, they would be friends because they are both good people and have similar interests.   They are both conscientious people who have worked very hard for everything they have had in their lives.  They are both strong-willed people but they share similar interests and when their interests don’t connect they have the freedom to do their own thing. 

2. They travel together – often:

This may seem strange, I mean travelling and having a happy marriage don’t go together easily, but they both enjoy it and they have time to get away – from work, friends, family, daily responsibilities and daily troubles…so I feel like it keeps them strong.  Plus travelling gives you new experiences – new experiences that they have TOGETHER, that they share and can relive at any moment. 

3. They love each others family

Now I have never thought of Uncle E as my aunts husband.  He has always been MY family.  But in reality – my blood relative is my aunt.  Her and my father are the same age (though if you ask my dad he insists he is SO much younger by those two months).  My uncle however is also extremely close with my father and checks in on him regularly.  Likewise, my Uncle has a sister who is bff’s with my aunt.  The three of them travel together all the time and it is not two separate families travelling – it’s one.  That’s what makes it special.  Blood is not always thicker than water. 

4. They parent together:

Now this is one that always made me sad for them – though I don’t think they see it this way.  They have only had one child.  My aunt is such a loving person that I could easily see her with a bucket full of children.  However for whatever reasons (that aren’t mine or anyones business) one son was what they were blessed with.  They co-parent.  Knowing my cousin and how he was brought up – it is plain to see that he was brought up by two parents who worked together to get him through to adulthood, though I am sure it wasn’t always easy.  Now yes I am sure my Uncle was the heavy, but often that is how it is – just like my dad is the heavy, but my parents didn’t co-parent very well.  Now I always thought “if they had a little girl, my Uncle and Aunt would be broke”, because my aunt, much like her 31-year-old niece (me) is a shopper.  I am SURE their daughter would have a million of everything – hence why I secretly wished for her to be my mom when I was a teenager and my dad would guard his wallet like the plague. 

5. They have their own lives:

My Uncle golf’s most days of the week in the summer and my aunt does aqua fit and tai chi and a lot of other activities available where they live.  She tried golfing, but it wasn’t her “niche”.  They have NO problem spending time apart doing their own activities because they have their own interests and are not dependent on each other for happiness.  HOWEVER, they do make each other happy.

50 years is a long time…a very long time.  I don’t know whether it seems like “just yesterday” or if it seems like “50 years”, but they have touched hundreds of different people with their love over their life span and I am SO grateful to be apart of it. 

Congratulations you two!  I wish you all the love and happiness for another 50 years!  I pray I can find a love that comes even close to what you two have shared.  Have fun in Hawaii and drink some yummy coconut water for me! 

XOXO Nikilee

P.S Uncle E, make sure your sunglasses are extra dark when checking out the hula girls!!  LOL



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