Where does my readership come from??

So I hate looking at stats on my blog – I mean seriously, some days I have 50+ readers, some days I have 1.  REALLY??What were the other 49 readers doing that day – sleeping??  Now I know I don’t blog everyday and I have never been freshly pressed so keeping a strong readership is difficult, but I am so honoured when I see a lot of people read my blog.  I begin to wonder though…was it interesting?  Do people really care about my life??  Are they waiting for a train wreck?? 

Then I wonder…are these people all from Toronto??  Of course I know they all aren’t, so today I decided to find out where my readers are from…and I was in for quite a shock!  I decided to look over the last 30 days.  And the number of countries listed both amazed and scared me!  I mean, there are people reading my words from the complete opposite side of the world!!  CRAZY!  Here is a list of the countries where my blog has been viewed:

Canada – duh…most of my viewers are since they are friends/family

USA – again, I assumed this since I know some of the people who blog on WordPress and who follow my blog are American

But this is where it got interesting…

Australia, New Zealand, Ireland (what up to Green Beer!), India, Singapore, United Kingdom (great Olympics, thanks!), South Africa (seriously!!!), Netherlands, Bosnia, Slovakia (again, seriously!!!), Pakistan, Japan, Ghana, Philipines (What up Filipinos boys family!), Croatia, Romania (what up Crazy Cat Lady’s bf), Iraq (uhhhh….okay), Hong Kong, Poland, Argentina, Bangladesh and finally SRI LANKA!

   Our Beautiful World, I am inspired!!

This list is amazing.  And yes I know they can open my site and then close it and never read a word and it still counts as a stat, but seriously, I am amazed at the countries represented!!  I feel like I am having my little own blog Olympics…with the winners being – CANADA!  You scored a Gold with 261 Views!!!  WOOOHOOOO


Thank you though – to everyone near and far…I appreciate you taking any time at all reading my words…It means a lot to me and I am truly blessed for every one of you! 

SO if you are reading this…where are you from??? 

XOXO Nikilee


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