How’s that even possible??

I was in Ricki’s a couple of months ago when I saw a beautiful black and white polka dot dress that I never in a million years would have thought to buy, but the sales lady insisted!  So I tried it on and I actually loved it.  It fit like it was made for me.  It has a side zipper and a little belt and it wasn’t to expensive so I bought it!

Fast forward two months…

Crazy Cat lady came to my house last night to do what she does best – organize and decorate!  My closet is the closet where dreams are born!  LOL…it is beautiful and now, thanks to CCL it’s so organized I can find all my clothes. 

That’s the main half of the closet…aren’t the shoes pretty

I decided this morning I was going to wear said dress since I hadn’t yet.  I put it on and went to zip it up, and I couldn’t.  Not that I had gained weight and it wouldn’t go up – cause there was lots of slack, but because it’s a side zipper I couldn’t maneuver the dress enough to get it up.  I wanted to wear this dress so badly!

So I threw on a cardigan and cute flats and went to work – dress half-unzipped, knowing someone at work would do it up for me (I love simple solutions)! 

I walked in, and one of my favourite mom co-workers was there at the door – SUCCESS!  She zipped it up and now I am all snug and comfy in said dress.  I don’t fully understand how I got the zipper up in the store – cause I struggled for a good five minutes this morning unable to reach success.  huh…who knows…my question now is…will I be able to unzip it tonight???

And this my friends is where roommates or a live-in-boyfriend come in handy. 

XOXO Nikilee


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