To the men in the Green Dodge

Wow, I have seen some bad drivers in my lifetime…a lot.  I have probably even been a bad driver once or twice (running the red was one of them – but that was an accident), but this morning, I saw the winner of Canada’s worse driver – or the should be winner.

I was driving up the Tim Horton’s drive thru when I noticed this green dodge truck in front of me.  I noticed no one was in front of him, but he wasn’t moving, so I thought “hmmm maybe he’s stuck or something” so I went to drive around and then he started moving…sigh.

He then drove up on the curb in the parking lot.  Then I noticed the cell phone sticking out of his hand attached to his damn head.  He drove very jumpy and had to slam his breaks a few times to avoid hitting the person in front of him.  Then he finally made his order and pulled up to the window, paid, got his order and sat there for a full thirty seconds before the Tim’s lady asked him to move so I could pull up and get my order.  He looked in the rearview mirror and finally drove off.

I got my order, Anna (Tim’s lady) apologized for the wait and I drove towards the highway.  Well, wouldn’t you know it – Green Dodge was in front of me AGAIN!

He still was talking on his cell phone – hello I am pretty sure it’s illegal to talk on your cell while driving – where is a damn cop when I need one!!!!

We both got on the hwy and he was going about 40-50 km an hour…the speed limit – 100km.  Nikilee is not happy at this point so I went to go into another lane and HE got in the same lane – how??  By cutting me off. 

He finally pulled into the farthest lane and sped ahead.

Needless to say, this encounter has paced my morning to be a frustrating one…

XOXO Nikilee

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