How much money would it take for me to retire??

On Virgin radio this morning, Mad Dog and Maura were talking about how much money it would take for them to retire.  They were talking 2-5 million to get them to quit their jobs and live off the interest earned on that amount of money.  I have never felt bad for thinking certain things, but as soon as they asked how much it would take for me to retire, I immediately said out loud – minimum 10 mil!  When M and M said 2-5 I felt like maybe I was selfish, or foolish or both??  But then I got to thinking why I required 10 million and here is what I came up with:

1. I would buy my mother a nice little one bedroom condo – cash – so she wouldn’t have to worry about ever paying rent or a mortgage again and then I would give her $100,000 to live off of. (approx $500,000 total)

2. I would take me and all my girlfriends on a one week all inc. vacation to the Bahama’s. (approx 20,000)

3. I would donate 1 million to a charity supporting under privileged youth (1 million)

4. I would give my sister-in-law and her family $1 million. (1 million)

5. I would get my dad a cook/maid, to make all of his meals the way he wants to ensure he is eating 3 proper meals a day (approx 60,000/yr)

6. I would set up bank accounts for my three nieces and nephew with 100,000 each so when they are 25 they can buy a home of their own or blow it all on video games and bubble gum (300,000 total)

7. I would invest 2 million to live off the interest (2 million)

8. I would build my dream home and have my father move in with me – hence the cook would actually be cooking for me too – hahahaha (approx 1 million)

9. I would buy GBF a new car – brand new – cause wow that boy has car trouble (approx 60,000)

10. I would buy Sushi bf  and D a dream vacation as well cause they have been SOOOOOO good to me the past few months! (approx 30,000)

I don’t know what else I would do – lots of things I am sure, give to more charities, adopt some babies, travel extensively etc etc.  But so far that totals $5, 970,000.  Thats a lot of money and I haven’t even thought of the clothes and shoes I would buy – cause lets face it I would, also the personal trainer I would hire to get my ass in shape and the wedding I would plan with someone who gets really lucky to have me as their loyal wife!!!

So what money amount would it take for you to retire?

XOXO Nikilee

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