It’s the last Friday of Summer (well not technically)

I mean I am well aware that summer lasts well into September, but for me, I always felt like summer ended the labor Day weekend because then all the kids go back to school, the roads become busy again, the temperature dips lower in the mornings and apple season begins!

So for me, this is the last Friday of Summer.  😦

This summer hasn’t exactly been what I expected – I have had some good days and some not so good days…overall though I give this summer a solid B-.  Here are my top TEN moments of the summer of 2012!

1. I got out of debt!  This is awesome!  I was   so happy to finally have $40,000 worth of student loans, credit cards and car payments paid off. It’s a great feeling and I am doing my best to ensure I don’t end up back where I started. 

2. My basement apartment is complete and I have moved downstairs and I am truly loving every minute (although last night there was a cricket in my hallway and I had to kill it and I was freaked out cause crickets are creepy jumpers)

3. I got to watch my niece play baseball and the Blue Jays play baseball and my friends on the Wolf Pack and Phillies play baseball – I love baseball, professional or not!  So it was a good summer for ball!

4. I got to see my mom for a few days.  Slowly we are getting closer.  We haven’t been close for years, but it was nice spending a few days with her and my aunt.  I hope we can continue to build our relationship over the fall and winter.

5. I started off the summer dating Newbie, he is an amazing man, someone whom I truly love and had great expectations for – however, unfortunately, timing didn’t work out and we are no longer together, so that dampened the end of my summer and I miss him every day, but I know we will both be better off apart right now. 

6. My wound from my surgery healed!  Hallelujah!  I am having some troubles with the area around my wound, but at least the wound itself is healed!  It feels like a miracle, but Kansas City told me to expect a miracle in my life. 

7. I had some great NK nights, relaxing, chilling, watching Dexter, playing with GB.  In fact my friends proved once again how amazing they are by rallying around me and keeping me busy.

8. Sushi BF and D have truly become people I love dearly, and I support their relationship and my friendship with them both 100%.

9. The weather has been insane – in a good way for the most part!  I love heat, the hotter the better – I hope it lasts well into September and even October. 

10. I got back to blogging – which really, is the reason you are all reading this.  I have read some great blogs from fellow bloggers and I am looking forward to a whole new season of blogging.  I will be MIA for a few days, but I’ll be back next week!

Have a great long weekend for my followers who have one, and those of you who don’t, well enjoy your weekends anyway!

XOXO Nikilee

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