Teaching – a new school year begins

As many of you know, I am a teacher.  Let me explain…I am a certified teacher, it’s who I am.  However, when the going got tough (a.k.a no teaching jobs available) I had to do what many certified teachers do – I got a different job.  I mean I was 27, in debt way over my head and I knew that while teaching was something I loved, I had to do something that would be fulfilling – and supply teaching every now and then wasn’t going to be it.

So I stuck with the City of Toronto, kept my seniority and applied for full-time jobs.  I was granted a full-time Support Assistant job with Employment and Social Services which led me to apply for a case-worker position.  I have no regrets.  Trust me, if you had asked me four years ago if I would regret leaving the teaching field for a City job, I was sure the answer would be yes, but this job has led me to Employment Services and teaching adults and older youth to find sustainable employment and I have had a lot of success.  I have met some amazing people – both residents and co-workers and I am happy.

However, teaching children is still in my heart.  It’s still what makes me smile.  Last night I was emptying boxes and I came across three teaching boxes.  These boxes were filled with books, supplies, lesson plans…the whole nine-yards.  It made me a bit sad, a bit nostalgic I guess I could say. 

However, I keep my OCT certification up to date, I pay my fee’s, read my teaching magazine and have a lot of teaching friends.  So one-day, maybe, I can do some upgrading and make my original dreams come true.  I don’t rule anything out.  Right now with the way the Provincial government is treating our teachers, I am glad I don’t have to deal with that headache.  It’s bad enough having the city trash the work you do, but the PROVINCE??  No thank you!

My youngest niece begins grade 7 today and my oldest niece enters high school!  I cannot believe it’s been two full months since their graduations from 6th and 8th grade!  I wish them both the best of luck, entering new schools with strange teachers and peers is tough – I hope they can survive the first day of school with the charm and wit I know they both have!  My nephjew enters 11th grade!  Meaning two more years of high school and he is done!  WOW…time freaking flys and I just want to throw them all back to childhood and hug and snuggle them forever!

XOXO Nikilee


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