One thing I love about living in Toronto, is that pretty much every year Cirque De Soliel brings one of their fabulous travelling shows to our great city – and of course I go!  Now I much prefer tented shows, but the ones that come to Air Canada Centre are great too.  I have been to quite a few shows including: Corteo, Kooza, Saltimbanco, Ovo, Totem, Quidam and now, this past weekend, Amaluna.

The first show I ever saw was Corteo when it was under the big top at Ontario Place approximately 6 years ago.  I went with GBF our first summer dating and it was amazing!  I was stunned at how beautiful, funny and magical the whole thing was and we were both hooked.  We went to many of the above shows together, but now that we are just friends, I have spanned out with other people.  Corteo, still to this day, is my favourite show, not just because it was my first (and we never forget our first right ladies…LOL) but also because of the comic relief which every show has, but this just stood out for me as special and a great part of the show!

On Saturday I was able to see Amaluna and of course I woke up Saturday morning and it’s pouring rain 😦

Thankfully by the time I got picked up for dinner the rain had stopped and it had dried up considerably.  I went to WildFire for dinner on Yonge St because they are featuring their Lobsterfest and I LOVE LOBSTER.  I started with the Lobster salad and then had 1 1/4 Lobster for dinner.  I had Mango Sorbet for dessert, two glasses of wine, Sparkling water and coffee.  By the time we left, I. Was. Full. 

Most of the Cirque shows have similar acts, jugglers, tight rope walkers etc, but every show always has a few stand out activities that make me go hmmmm.  One of the first acts in Amaluna was that “wow” activity.  These girls had these nunchuck looking things they were swinging all over the place, and then they had partners (mostly male) who also swung the apparatus around, but also took the girls and bounced them (the girls) on their feet, flung them in the air, spun them all over the place.  I was amazed.  It was beautiful to watch, and my breath caught every time one of the girls were flipped, praying they didn’t drop them cause that would’ve hurt SO BAD!  But these are professionals, and no one was dropped. 

There was also this huge ball of water that the two main love characters swam in and did these cool tricks in, spraying water everywhere.  Now this was cool, because my biggest plan of 2013 is to go to Vegas and see O and Zumanity – two non-travelling Cirque shows you can only see in Vegas and O is a Cirque show performed in water! 

I was really impressed with the high quality of the activities this show and while the comic relief didn’t quite catch me, the actual acrobats did.  I had great seats (5th row side) and could see everything going on. 

Cirque is talent.  There is NO question at all that these people work hard – damn hard – and that they love what they do!  I cannot wait to have children and bring my children to these shows – who knows, maybe they will want to run away and join the circus – and not the bearded lady or  550 pd man Circus, but the actual Cirque De Soliel Circus – a girl can hope right!?  Though if my daughter has a beard – good on ya, join “that” Circus instead, I’ll still love you!

XOXO Nikilee

P.S Happy Happy Birthday to Crazy Cat Lady, I love you, I adore you, you are the hot fudge to my sundae!  XOXOXOXO


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