Zumba, BP3 and all the things that make me feel yucky.

Two years ago, I moved home and instantly started working on losing weight.  I lost 25 pounds before stagnating and slowly (over a year and a few months) have gained most of it all back. 

When I moved home, I was single, didn’t have much responsibility because people just let me mourn the loss of my relationship, and spent as little time associating with the outside world as possible.  It was extremely easy to lose weight.  I hate when people say the weight just came off, but for me it did.  I rarely felt like I was dieting.  But as soon as my depression seized and I started joining friends in their adventures, I started eating like I had prior to my break up.

Now, having gained back most of the weight I lost, I have thought about going back to WW, but my heart is not in it, and I am not going to spend money on weight loss efforts if I am not motivated to do so.  So what am I doing instead – I signed up for Zumba classes with my sister-in-law.  We start next Wednesday at 8:30-9:30.  I am kind of excited, I mean I have seen Zumba featured on Biggest Loser and it’s the newest craze so hopefully I will love it and get motivated to be me again. 

It’s been a long summer…going from super high high’s to super low low’s, the medication I take has helped control the mood swings, but it hasn’t (and doesn’t) control the crap eating.  I don’t eat a lot, but what I do eat is garbage – sugar, sugar and more sugar – I swear one day I will shower and just melt into a pile of warm sugar.  I have faith that things will get better…I keep that faith thanks to friends and Kansas City who is the most faithful person I know. 

I know this blog is kind of all over the place, but so is my head…LOL…

Now on to Bachelor Pad 3.  If you don’t want spoilers – STOP READING NOW!





Nick and Rachel won over Chris and Sarah (booo, love Chris) and Nick chose to keep the money over Rachel (booo Rachel deserved the money over Nick).  The show was full of drama – so much drama.  It seemed silly for everyone to be hating so hard on certain people (Jaime and Chris) but that’s what BP is all about – drama, sex, money, love, craziness.

I’ll miss the show till summer, but at least Bachelor Canada starts in October.  I doubt it will be as good, but time will tell.  I don’t want to judge it yet – though without Chris Harrison, I will be sad.

It’s cold in the mornings.  My alarm went off at 6 and when I stuck my nose out of my blanket it froze!  I hid back under the covers for 20 minutes until I had to get up and shower – brrrrr.  BOOOOO.  I took a hot shower and tried to steam my bathroom up enough so it would keep me warm till I was dry and dressed!  It didn’t quite work.  I hate winter 😦

XOXO Nikilee


2 thoughts on “Zumba, BP3 and all the things that make me feel yucky.

  1. So being a Zumba instructor- I can tell you that it is so super fun! Give it a few classes to adjust and get the hang of it, as you may at first feel awkward or even be frustrated. But it is a great exercise and you should have a blast! Can’t wait to hear your thoughts.

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