I’m gonna do something I DON’T recommend

I am going to Niagara Falls for the weekend. 

Yep, that’s the main part of the story.  I am going because A) I love Niagara Falls, especially in late summer and B) I wanna cheer on my friends who are playing provincials this weekend (and they won Nationals a few weeks ago so I have faith I may know the winning provies team).

Now here is why I am saying I don’t recommend doing this.  Because two of my ex boyfriends will be there – and that is awkward as hell.  Now GBF will be there and we are friends now so that’s okay.  It’s cool even since I got into this whole baseball thing because of him and I hope he gets some playing time so I can watch.  We will probably end up rooming together because if I have to sleep in the same room as him, or some dude I don’t know all that well – I choose him.  There are two beds and I sleep soundly and I know he won’t wake me up with sleep talking or snoring and I will need my sleep.  I am well aware of how possible it is for men and women and ex’s to be friends when it’s something they both want.

However, newbie, who is no longer MY newbie 😦 will also be there I am told.  He is not playing on the team I am going there for and he is not staying in our hotel so the likelihood of my running into him is probably slim, but if I do see him, I know my heart will skip a few beats, because we haven’t talked since separating over a month ago, and my heart still loves him.  I know I will be super paranoid all weekend, looking for sightings of him, but in reality, I have no idea what he has been up to these past few weeks – or even that he was going to Niagara, until his SIL told me. 

Now she is the big reason I am going.  K is one of my favourite people to spend time, she makes me laugh and has great stories and tells off any guy who plays like shit, so watching her run the team makes me smile!  I am looking forward to some time with K.

So while parts of my weekend could get uncomfortable quickly (I mean I am sure some people will think me and GBF are back together because we are rooming together, but we aren’t, we are just friends and I clearly have some unresolved feelings for someone else whom I JUST lost), I am looking forward to a weekend away with some great friends.  I can’t wait for some possible IHOP, some coolers, some tanning (please Mr. Sun come shine on me!), and some laughs. 

I hope you all have a blessed weekend and I will return Monday with hopefully a provincial championship to gush about!


XOXO Nikilee


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