I survived with minor scarring

LOL…Okay so I am dramatic, sometimes to an extreme.  Friday night GBF picked me up and we drove out to Niagara for the Provincials tournament with the National SPN champions The Phillies!  GO PHILLIES GO!  I was excited for many reasons.  I wanted to be away for a weekend since my Caribbean vacation in October has been postponed, I missed the last few weeks of baseball season when me and MiMo (ex-newbie) broke up and I love Niagara Falls! 

We got up there around 11:00pm and checked in, hung out with our friends and then I went to bed, exhausted from the week before.  The team is not the team I know and love, but the guys are great and their girlfriends are cool so I was comfortable. 

Because GBF and I have such a good friendship it was very natural to be around him and cheer him on, there was no problems where he was concerned and I knew there wouldn’t be because we are cool now – friends who care about each other, I am EXTREMELY lucky to have him in my life.

The hotel we stayed at was the Lincoln Motor Inn.  hmmmm….what do I say about this place…you get what you pay for??  It was alright, but the beds were uncomfortable, there was no full size body towels and there was a few flies in the sink and shower that just wouldn’t die!  But it was under $60/night and allowed for us all to be a bit noisy, spend time together and get everywhere pretty quickly.

Saturday morning we all could sleep in as the guys didn’t play till 2:30.  We joined up for breakfast (buffet attached to the Inn and I have nothing good to say at all about it).  It was cheap, but the drinks were almost the same cost as the actual buffet and served in small glasses.  The food had been deep-fried, a few times and the selection was small so I ate a pancake and a sausage and called it a day.  I went to Tim Hortons after and got a muffin with a tea ($2.80 compared to my  $9.00 breakfast with one chocolate milk). 

The guys had batting practice (bp) so the girls did what we do best – or what I do best – went shopping at the outlets!  FIST PUMP! 

First stop Nike where I needed to buy a sweater cause I was freezing and didn’t pack well.  Second store – COACH!  I love coach – I already own a tonne of Coach purses, a wallet, a key chain etc, but I bought one more purse and matching wallet.  I LOVE THEM!  Then we stopped at a few other stores where I behaved and then headed over to Carters kid clothes where I bought my friend some baby shower gifts for his expecting wife and clothes for Ms. J for her birthday.  I may give them to her earlier because they are so darned cute, but we will see.  I’ll try to hold off!!

Back to the hotel to change and then off to the Phillies game at headquarters.  We lost, boo.  We lost and were beat and it sucked.  The guys are not used to losing.  They won Nationals for goodness sake!  They were bumped to C because they are so good, but they lost – and did not take it well.  I’m not even gonna get into the drama, because really, it’s not my team and I am not dating anyone from the team, so I feel no way to get any more involved.

Before the game started I looked around and like a magnet connecting me to him, I saw MiMo.  Now if this was  a movie, I would have run to him, he would have caught me around the waist and we would have embraced for a few moments.  But this is real life so I walked up and shyly said hi and gave him a hug.  I saw T also and gave him a hug, but I would be lying if I said my heart wasn’t pumping a little harder having just seen an ex that I hadn’t seen since we ended things over a month ago.  But I survived the first sighting and things were cool.  We chatted briefly throughout the game and I didn’t see him again for the rest of the weekend.  His team that he was playing with had won all day Friday and Saturday. 

Now Saturday night my team and the gf’s went to Mandarin for dinner where I had a Singapore sling which was very – alcoholic and had a drink when we got back to the Inn and my head started acting up so I was in bed crashed by 10:30.

Sunday morning, Tims for breakfast because my body rejected any more grease and off to the diamond for a game that should have pushed the team to semi-finals, but unfortunately the team they played were a great team that made minimal errors.  We lost 😦

I was sad for the Phillies, they pulled it together Sunday and fought hard, but they just fell short – no shame or blame in that FIST PUMP

Love baseball, love Niagara, love seeing old and new friends…overall an A+ weekend!

XOXO Nikilee


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