A long day already and it’s only 7:40 am

Last night I finally learned how to use iTunes.  I have had an iPhone for almost 6 months and I never learned how to use it.  I always assumed that MiMo would be around and he’d take care of stuff for me – but alas, no, that didn’t work out unfortunately so I had to learn to use the product on my own.  I played around with it for awhile, downloaded Rise Against’s Prisoner of War (amazing song that catches me every time) and Pinks Blow Me.  I’ll get more later.  After watching a somewhat boring end to So You Think You Can Dance (although Nappytabs Lion King dance BLEW ME AWAY) I went to bed.  I was up and down all night.  My alarm went off at 6 because I know I had to do my dad’s medications. 

14 days worth of medications

My dad takes approximately 20 pills a day.  Each much be taken at a specific time and they all have to be taken every day!  I have been organzing his meds since he came home from the hospital a year ago and it’s a lot of pressure.  I mean if I messed something up it could possibly kill him or hurt him and there is no way I will ever let that happen!  I do it two weeks at a time so twice a month I have to organize them all and order refills for him.  It seemes every time he goes to the doctor they add a new pill.  I keep hoping one day they will take a pill away, but that never happens, so I continue being Ms. Organization Sunshine and get everything ready for him.  Thank you God for patience!

XOXO Nikilee


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