IVF and a potential $10,000 win

Listening to Kiss 92.5 in Toronto this morning I was shocked, saddened and infuriated all at the same time. 

Right now they have a $10,000 giveaway.  Callers call up at chosen times, win $100.00 and three of the weekly winners come on Thursday mornings show to say why they need the $10,000 grand prize.  If all three contestants agree who to give it to you that person wins, if they can’t agree then someone who entered an online contest will win the big prize.  Sounds simple right?!!

Yesterday a woman called in named Jessica.  Her and her husband are unable to have children the natural way.  They are going through IVF treatments and it’s expensive, very expensive and they cannot afford it any longer.  She has had two miscarriages and is devastated she cannot add to her family.  She wants the money to pay for IVF. 

When I heard this story I was so emotional, I wanted so badly for this woman to win the money.  I can only imagine how horrible her and her husband must feel, unable to conceive.  I thought  –  if she is the top three, she will for sure win the money!  I mean what woman or man wouldn’t want to help a family??

However I was WAY wrong supposedly.  Twitter lit up with people saying no way would they give her the money, that she didn’t deserve it.  WHAT???

This morning some woman named Trish called in saying she is a single mom of 4 kids and there was no way she would ever allow this woman to win the money.  That she is a single mom and deserves the money way more!

I love single moms, I adore them, I respect them, I admire them.  BUT, you are a single mother of four children, you know how important your children are to you, why would you not allow this one beautiful experience to another woman??  She is married, they want children.  For some reason, she is unable.  You were able.  Stop the ignorance and the hate people! 

I am a single woman, and if I don’t have a husband or am unable to have children in the next couple of years, you are damn right I will be considering IVF.  I want children, I adore children, I was MEANT to have babies.  If I am unable naturally and there is a way, regardless of cost, I will do what I have to do.  Damn that Trish woman and all the other people who slammed Jessica…I will be praying extra hard for her to be chosen for Thursday + that she is chosen with two other people who have hearts and who love family and the idea of family and I pray she wins it all! 

Good luck Jessica (even though you will never read this).

XOXO Nikilee

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