House plants and photo albums

On my secrets of adulthood calendar today it states:

House plants and photo albums are a lot of trouble. 

I agree – 100%, which is usual for me with this calendar, but today I just smiled and nodded.

Ever since I entered first year University at Trent my mother has been giving me spider plant babies to grow and raise and she tried to convince me that these plants are proof I can get anything to grow.  They are easy she says.  Keep them in the sunlight, water then every few days, admire it and it will grow.  I did just that…every morning I would annoy my roommate by saying “good morning my love, here is some water for you today stay alive so my mother thinks more of me”!  And within a few weeks that damn plant was as dead as a doorknob never to see the light of day again.

It saddened me that my green thumb was not so green, that I couldn’t keep a damn plant alive that was basically fool-proof.  However, if I’m honest  – I just couldn’t care enough.  I don’t love plants, I love people.  I don’t care if a plant dies, I don’t weep for it and I certainly don’t worry if there is something wrong with ME!  So please, don’t give me anymore plants people, buy me flowers so that in 10 days when they die I will know at least I had ten days of beautiful flowers!

As far as photo albums are concerned: I love photo albums.  Nothing relaxes me more than organizing photos to input or taking the big jump and scrapbook an event that meant a lot to me.  However I did this a lot more when I was younger.  My camera was never far from my hand and I snapped everything.  I have a dozen or more photo albums + scrapbooks and I cherish each of them.  However the older I get, the less energy I have to A) get these pics developed and B) organize them so they tell my story. 

It is something I want to get back into though so hopefully in 2013 that will be a goal of mine for the year.  We will see how it goes!

XOXO Nikilee


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