Zumba week 3

Seriously where did the last three weeks go?  Last night I had my third Zumba class and I walked into the school to a bad sign.  The gym door was closed.  There is a Tai Chi class an hour before ours – hot sweaty bodies stinking up the gym and the door is closed!!!!

When the caretaker came and opened it – the gym was hot – stifling hot!  Everyone immediately started opening the back doors for fresh air – of course there was no wind last nigh t-  and taking off t-shirts to reveal tank tops.  Our Zumba instructor threw her wild curly hair on top of her head and said for us to be ready cause we were gonna sweat. 

***side note, I have been sweating the last two weeks too when the gym wasn’t burning my skin

By the second song I could feel the sweat at my neck and I was itchy.  I don’t sweat often so I guess when I do my body freaks out and wants it gone as fast as possible.  By the fourth song I needed a drink – badly!  I gulped my water and even our instructor who always looks cool and collected was dripping sweat.

Let me tell you – by the end of class I felt like I had taken a shower – I have no doubt I burnt some serious calories last night.  I had a great time though and some moves I am even starting to pick up!!  YAY ME!  8 weeks left!

XOXO Nikilee


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